‘Do people really return Tesla?’ People just can’t hold back curiosity after Elon Musk’s confusing tweet

It all started with Elon Musk tweeting about the return policy of Tesla, a topic that has been a bone of contention since the electric car maker started fine-tuning their sales strategy.

Elon Musk is at it again! Most people familiar with the Tesla CEO’s love for social media would know that it’s nothing new for Musk to make major announcements or break bad news over Twitter. And yet, a recent tweet from the serial tech entrepreneur has left many people racking their brains in confusion.

It all started when Musk tweeted about the return policy of Tesla, a topic that has been a bone of contention in the recent past with the electric car maker fine-tuning their sales strategy. The buzz was that Tesla was going to close down some of its stores and “shifting all sales online”. And to ease the transition, customers were being given the option of an extended return policy, meaning they can return a car within seven days, or before 1,000 miles.

Tesla's Elon Musk

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However, this extended return policy comes with a condition. According to many reports, Tesla allowed the return only if "you have taken delivery of your vehicle without ever having taken a test or demo drive with us."  

A twitter user pointed this out, writing, “I called Tesla and they said the 1 week return policy is only if you don't have a test drive in your name. In that case you only have 1 day. That's dumb. I am 200 km from the Tesla store... Is this even true?”

Musk being Musk responded immediately saying, “No, it is one week either way.”

Now this tweet has sparked a wave of confusion, as most people believe Musk’s statement contradicts the terms and conditions mentioned in Tesla’s return policy. “So 1 week even if you have test driven it? But your policy says one day if you've had a test drive? I have a test drive reserved for today so pls let me know!!” tweeted a user, as another questioned, “Do people really return Teslas?”

To add to the confusion, several media sites noted that Tesla had updated its return policy right after Musk’s contradicting tweet. The updated policy states that customers can return their cars within seven days or 1,000 miles and ask for a full refund. Regardless of whether or not they have already taken the test drive.  

The EV company said there was a delay in updating the language on the website, The Verge reported.

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