These 10 co-working spaces are gaining traction in Pune

As startups increase at an exponential rate in Pune, these co-working spaces in the city will give access to like-minded, close-knit, and success focussed professionals who are all driving towards the same goal.

These 10 co-working spaces are gaining traction in Pune

Sunday July 14, 2019,

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coworking space in pune

Starting your business for the first time could be daunting. You don’t really know which way is up or what exactly will be your next move, let alone manage an entire office.

For those sailing in these uncharted waters, co-working spaces act as an anchor. Whether you are a solopreneur, freelancer or a young team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, a co-working space is a perfect place to start and grow.

A co-working space not just provides you with a place to sit and work from, it also

  • Places you in a highly ambient and nurturing atmosphere. Co-working spaces are built mostly with startups as their main focus.

  • It gives you access to like-minded, close-knit, and success focussed set of professionals who are all driving towards the same goal.

  • It covers your worries of having to spend money and energy on office utilities, admin staff, and other such mundane maintenance issues

  • Some co-working spaces even act as incubators for early-stage startups, and thus are the kick-start most startups need initially.

But given the demand for these spaces increasing, we can see them popping up in every other street. Most are usually overpriced, and some lack basic amenities as well.

In an upcoming city such as Pune, startups are increasing at an exponential rate. Hence, finding the perfect space to set up shop might seem a little confusing. If you pick the right place, your workflow will run, and if pick an annoying and loud space, you are two spaces back.

Here, we list some of the best co-working spaces in Pune. These spaces have been placed after comprehensive research, and will help you make an informed decision on whether the space fits your needs.


coworking space in pune

Starthub is a trendy co-working space in Pune built for startups. Located in Jewel Square, Vasanti Nagar, this co-working space is located in the northern corner of the city, which is a sweet spot for most premium co-working spaces in the city.

It is well furnished, with modern decor arrangements. There are conference rooms as well as individual chairs for solopreneurs or smaller teams.

Apart from the stipulated and fixed work zones, the work stations can also be customised and adjusted to suit your comfort. There is a cafeteria along with a concierge service to help you with your regular and mundane office routine, and gives you more room for work. 

A recreation zone along with a high-speed internet connectivity promises a great workplace culture, along with pocket-friendly pricing too (Prices and Costing available upon demand).

Price: Available on request

Amenities and service utilities: 

  • 24/7 member access
  • Unlimited coffee/tea and kitchen availability
  • Event space (also a TEDx host space)
  • Dedicated parking space
  • Office concierge 


co working space in pune

Regus is an international co-working and virtual office space provider based out of Brussels, Belgium. With over 1,500 work stations spread across India, it is indeed one of the fastest growing and the most popular workspace upcoming startups look for.

In Pune alone, Regus has over nine different branches, and this virtual office space conglomerate has plenty of offerings ranging from dedicated office spaces and dedicated parking spots to individual chairs and on-demand meeting rooms.

While the entirety of their service varies from space to space, the basic accommodation of all of these spaces is the same, and is managed by a central body.

Pricing for Regus starts from as low as Rs 50 to Rs 300 a day for virtual office chairs, and can even go up to Rs 300 to Rs 927 per day for larger rooms.

Price: Chairs available from Rs 50 to Rs 300, Cabins for Rs 300 to Rs 927 (depending on location and choice of chair/cabin).

Amenities and service utilities:

  • Onsite coffee bar
  • On-demand meeting rooms 
  • Customer parking available (apart from office parking)
  • Recreation rooms are location dependent.

The Daftar

shared office space in pune

Located on the north-eastern part of the city in Silver Oak Park, Baner, the Daftar is one of the largest office spaces in Pune with over 150 seating capacity.

With two office spaces in the city, the Dafter is a cosy home-like yet professional working place designed with utmost creativity.

Lodged with all the basic amenities, one can book the space per day or per month by paying Rs 500 per day per desk. The monthly and quarterly packages (also the number of employees ) varies.

A great spot for a creative workforce, the Daftar encourages having fun while working.

Pricing: 500/day/desk

Amenities and service utilities: 

  • Separate conference and training rooms
  • Fully equipped pantry with free coffee/tea machines
  • Dedicated parking space
  • Outdoor work stations
  • 24/7 power back up
  • Recreation zones
  • Concierge services
  • Storage locker facilities


shared office space for rent in pune

Trios offers any new user to try out their office space totally for free of cost for one day. This gives you the chance to not just look at the space but get a feel of how it is to work in it.

Started in 2015, in less than four years, Trios co-working has expanded to three different locations in Pune city.

With over 100 co-workers working in Trios, it makes it a very handy place for new startups and freelancers for their networking as well.

Trios has all the basics of a co-working space such as a coffee machine, pantry, 24/7 access to your space, security and power back up, parking, air conditioning, high internet connectivity, and on-demand meeting rooms.

While two of the spaces are near Baner (one on Pune-Mumbai highway Balewadi and the other on Baner road, connected to most places), the third one is in Viman Nagar. 

Priced at Rs 4,500 per month for a desk, this would change depending on the location (either of the three) and the space planning to occupy and use.

Pricing: Rs 4,500/month/desk

Amenities and service utilities:

  • 24/7 member access
  • Well-furnished pantry with free tea/coffee
  • Dedicated parking 
  • On-demand meeting rooms
  • 24/7 security and backup power
  • Concierge and housekeeping with office assistance.


coworking space in pune

One of the cosiest and hip places that offers shared office space for rent in Pune, Inscape offers not just a place to sit and work out from, but also lets you enjoy your work. 

It has the peaceful surroundings of nature and even hammocks for relaxation or just to work while you rest in an open working space. 

There are virtual office spaces, dedicated chairs, and even private office spaces, most of which could be availed through monthly or even daily/hourly packages. 

Pricing of these packages are not on display, and a detailed quote would be generated only after you request for your specifications.

Pricing: Not available

Amenities and service utilities:

  • 24/7 access
  • Pantry with wellness drinks and other refreshments
  • Open working spaces
  • On-demand meeting rooms
  • Standing and Zen desks
  • Event spaces 
  • Dedicated parking

Entrepreneur facilitation centre and development (EFC/ EFCD)

coworking space in pune

EFC is an NGO that aims to promote and help startups nurture themselves and grow. Being more of an incubator than an outright co-working space, EFC offers its shared office spaces in Pune for established businesses as well.

With office spaces available in Kalyani Nagar, Hinjewadi, and Fatima Nagar, the NGO focusses more towards the development of early-stage startups. Apart from allowing working space, they claim to be taking dedicated interest in helping startups foster great and constructive relationships with other startups through events and more. 

They have all the basic amenities such as high-speed internet, telephone, and other administrative or office staff help. But if there are other high-end amenities, you are allowed to get your own or if there is anything existing, you may be charged extra depending on your usage. 

One can avail the space anytime between 9 am and 9 pm, but you are allowed to work late (no air conditioning during the over time). While the single chair seating would cost Rs 5,500, the price may be negotiable to certain special packages, depending on the strength of your team.

Price: Rs 5,500/seat

Amenities and service utilities:

  • 24/7 member access
  • Free parking
  • Outdoor lounge and workstations
  • Office tech equipment (laptops and monitors) available on rent
  • Kitchen and shower facility
  • Tea/coffee (on purchase)
  • Basic housekeeping, admin staff, and high-speed internet

The Worklab

coworking space in pune

With a great corporate significance and having an equally stunning visual appeal, the Worklab has two locations in Pune. One is in Aundh and the other one is in Model Colony.

Both these locations have great interiors, open workspaces, and dedicated cabins for hire as well. You would also be having access to the rooftop cafe, a gym, and a sunk garden making this a great place to land your feet and work in peace.

It also has access to basic amenities such a pantry, coffee, on-demand conference rooms, power backup, and security. Pricing for either of the space’s locations can be acquired through a quote from their website.

Pricing: Not available

Amenities and service utilities:

  • Pantry with kitchen and free tea/coffee
  • Gym
  • Chill zone 
  • Terrace cafe
  • Sunken garden for relaxation
  • Dedicated parking

Cowork Studio

CoWork Studio

With a 24/7 access, Cowork Studio gives you a great coffee shop styled vibe than that of a typical office. Designer desks that could be dedicated desks or just open space working, Cowork Studio works it out.

There are a great range of businesses working here, starting from early-stage to profit yielding startups as well, thus serving as a good loft for some professional networking and bonding.

These dedicated desks can be hired per hour or could be rented out per day too. Monthly packages could be discussed with the management depending on your team’s pax requirement.

24/7 office access, high-speed internet connectivity, parking space, relaxing zones, conference rooms, and unlimited availability of coffee and tea makes it a great pick.


Pricing: Dedicated desks start at Rs 5,000

Amenities and service utilities: 

  • 24/7 member access
  • Various styles of desks from standing and sitting to zen desks and beanbags
  • Furnished pantry with free tea/coffee
  • Free onsite parking
  • Cafe lounge
  • Funzone with pool table and other recreations
  • Computers and other tech on rent 
  • Event space


coworking space in pune

Awfis is a premium co-working space franchise that is present pan India. It has over 11 different branches in Pune alone - starting from Baner to GK mall and Viman Nagar.

All the office spaces have fixed pricing over dedicated desks, open workspaces, and conference rooms. You can book the space for a day (Rs 700/day), per hour, or could ask for dedicated packages depending on your team size and requirements.

While most of the spaces are open six days a week, make sure you are checking out the official website for different work timings for different spaces throughout the city.

Pricing: Rs 700/day

Amenities and service utilities: 

  • Basic pantry with free tea/coffee
  • Dedicated parking spaces
  • On-demand conference rooms
  • 24/7 power back-up and security

While those were some of the best-rated shared office spaces in Pune, new ones keep popping up and the non-ranked ones keep improving to move up the ladder. You can help us keep this space updated. Please let us know in the comment section of which workspace do you like the most, or the ones that you recommend to first timers.

(Edited by Megha Reddy)

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