Best of Weekender: From author Ratna Vira, daughter of journalist Nalini Singh to enjoying mindful fashion, and super-luxury foods

This week, don’t miss reading all about celebrity author Ratna Vira who talks about her new book on altruism, gather travel tips from the co-founder of a travel enterprise, and find out how to fight cellulite this season.

7th Sep 2019
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Here’s a question that has baffled philosophers for ages - when you face rejection, deceit and adversity, do they become your best teachers in life? Or do you learn more when you walk among rainbows and in the sunshine?

Author Ratna Vira, daughter of celebrated journalist Nalini Singh, believes that “hard times can become an emotional reservoir for inspiration” for an artist like her. She has just launched her new book, Why People Give: Interpreting Altruism, which she has co-authored with her daughter, Suhasini, but she can never forget how her first book, Daughter by Court Order, was rejected 15 times before it was noticed by a publisher.

Eventually, her first book made it to several bestseller lists and even got a special mention in The New York Times.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with this inimitable author who believes that “coffins have no shelves and karma catches up with everyone”.

Author Ratna Vira

Author Ratna Vira

Does cellulite bother you? Are you perplexed that it has appeared on various parts of your body and accumulated at the speed of light? Don’t despair, says our expert nutritionist and Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner, as she explains how even the most athletic woman out there can have cellulite.

It is important, however, for everyone to check the causes for the development of cellulite, which can range from an imbalance in the adrenal hormones, thyroid levels, an overload of the lymphatic system, and so much more. Her next suggestion is to examine your diet closely.

If you are hoping to eliminate cellulite and feel fabulous over this season, check out this story on how to fight to stay fit.


Fight cellulite with a proper diet and a good exercise regimen.

Fancy a platter of alba truffles at $2,000 a plate? Or Yubari melons, grown exclusively in greenhouses on Hokkaido Island in Japan? Super-luxury foods are a rage among foodies across the globe. But what makes them so special? Our food columnist takes a look at these gourmet foods, and examines the ingredients that make these dishes so expensive.

Did you know, for instance, that the delicately flavoured white truffles from Alba in Italy are only available for a couple of months and are often foraged by special pigs? The challenge lies in grabbing the truffle before the pig gobbles it up so truffle hunters have to be smart and fast.

If you’ve always loved reading about superfoods with their sensational flavours, don’t miss this article.

Alba truffles

Super-luxury foods like Alba truffles are a rage among foodies.

The days of wearing whatever you can find in your wardrobe are coming to an end, says Manjula Tiwari, founder of Ancestry, a contemporary Indian lifestyle and fashion brand, which draws inspiration from India’s design heritage.

Many millennials and the Gen Z generation are very mindful of their clothes. They want to know where fabrics have been sourced, whether the designer follows the norms of ethical fashion, and whether the garment conforms to their Indian heritage.

Ancestry finds a solution to this problem with their garments that take people back to their roots, culture, crafts and traditions. They reinvent ancient traditions in contemporary styles for the younger generation.

Read all about this entrepreneur who has taken style to a new benchmark in the world of fashion.


Ancestry draws inspiration from India’s design heritage.

Have you been sitting at your desk at work and dreaming of your next vacation? Don’t go by the photographs of your friend’s holiday on Facebook. It is time to plan a proper holiday, using modern techniques. Check out what our guest writer, the CEO and Co-founder of travel enterprise Ithaka, has to say.

According to him, with the rise in emerging technologies, several platforms are implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and assistance bots to help you plan a vacation.

The bots gauge traveller trends, needs, and expectations from the data of millions of individual tourists. You can choose to take the help of a bot or use a human touch by taking the advice of travel bloggers and vloggers.

Don’t miss this article on how to make vacations special in a new and modern way.


Plan a trip with the help of bots or vloggers

Do you love characters like Hercule Poirot, created by Agatha Christie, and Dirk Pitt, created by Clive Cussler? Are your favourite author Haruki Murakami and Ian Rankin?

If so, you would find a soulmate in Rushabh Parikh, who is Co-Founder and CEO of Black & Green, India's first ethically curated avocado oil company.

Read all about his admiration for Warren Buffet and his fascination with Iron Man.


Rushabh Parikh

His favourite occupation is his business, where he is working towards making a difference in the healthy cooking oil market in the country. Find out all about his greatest regrets, the loves of his life, his greatest extravagances and so much more in his responses to our Proust questionnaire.

As for his motto, ‘Keep one eye on the future and move forward but not at the expense of today’ is, according to him, the best way to enjoy this journey called life.

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