CRPF shortlists 16 startups to showcase defence sector solutions

The Startup India CRPF Grand Challenge looks to tap into the expertise of startups to come out with an innovative solution to address its various security challenges

CRPF shortlists 16 startups to showcase defence sector solutions

Thursday December 26, 2019,

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The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has shortlisted 16 startups for a demo day to solve its various core challenges. This is being done in collaboration with Startup India.

As part of the Startup India CRPF Grand Challenge, which was announced a couple of months ago, it said that it was looking for new concepts and innovations in the areas identified. Some of the areas identified were: shoes against spikes, controlling blood loss, and effective utilisation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

According to CRPF, “The objective of this programme is to address critical issues hampering the growth of the security sector in the country by leveraging technical expertise and best fundamental concepts thus helping talented and creative innovators to pursue promising avenues at the frontier of technology.”


It also stated that this programme provides a unique opportunity to innovative startups and individual innovators in security sector having a commercially viable and innovative solution to address the key challenges in the security forces.

Through this programme, CRPF is looking at startups to come out with innovative solutions in addressing the critical issues where are hampering the growth of the security sector in the country.

The shortlisted startups were divided into three categories based on the challenges that it was addressing. Startups that provide effective utilisation of remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS)/UAVs against insurgents; startups that develop lightweight, sterile hemostatic agents, drugs, equipment, and badges to control excessive bleeding loss; and startups that develop terrain agnostic shoes to protect against hidden iron/bamboo made spikes causing fatal injuries to troops.

Some of the startups which have been selected for the demo day are - Eklavya Aero Sports, Optimized Electrotech, LUMBOBEE,, Innovative Software Solutions, Flatonomers, Aiotize Private, Techraion Systemworks, Asteria Aerospace, Sagar Defence Engineering, and Dcygnus Automates.

These startups are from different locations in the country and have specialistion in areas such as drones, advanced materials, cyber security, IoT, etc.

(Edited by Megha Reddy)

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