This Army Major has developed a bullet-proof jacket to save soldiers from sniper attacks

Major Anoop Mishra has developed a bulletproof jacket that can withstand the impact of a sniper rifle bullet and reduce trauma as well.

This Army Major has developed a bullet-proof jacket to save soldiers from sniper attacks

Thursday December 26, 2019,

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A Major from the Indian Army has developed a bulletproof jacket named ‘Sarvatra,’ which can stop bullets being shot by a sniper rifle.

In a conversation with ANI, Major Anoop Mishra said,

“During one operation I was hit by a stray bullet on my bulletproof jacket. The bullet was not able to penetrate but the trauma was a bit more than I could have taken. So, I decided on that day that I will be making my own bulletproof jacket which will be reducing the trauma which is transferred to the body.”
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Major Anoop Mishra (Image: T News)

According to the Army official, the vest can withstand a bullet fired even from ten metres. The jacket developed at the College of Military Engineering, Pune, and can protect the entire body against any sniper rifle bullets.

For his work and innovation, Major Anoop was awarded the Army Design Bureau Excellence Award by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat earlier this week. Major

Major Anoop Mishra added,

“After the sniper attacks on the Line of Control and Kashmir Valley, there was a need for full-body protection to be provided to the soldiers. The jacket has been tried and tested by the Infantry at their test facilities”, reports India Today.

Besides, a tender is soon to be expected from the Indian Army to produce these full-body bulletproof jackets. The manufacturing will be carried out by selected defence industry partners.

According to Major Anoop, with this technology, India becomes the only third country in the world to have capacity to build this kind of bullet-proof jacket.

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