[Jobs roundup] Do you have a nose for news? Become an editor with these openings

If you are an excellent communicator with a strong news sense, and are able to use your creativity to make stories compelling, try your hand at becoming a news editor.

Even in the times of breaking news on Twitter, strong editors are an absolute must for any media house. While collecting news is the reporter’s duty, the editor adds value by structuring the piece or segment and presenting it in an easily digestable and informative manner to the readers and viewers.

A news editor will plan, review, and modify content after receiving news from reporters. They do the important steps of fact-checking, correcting errors, grammar revisions, restructuring, and rewriting, and teasing out the peg of the copy submitted by the reporter. They work alongside the reporter to make the piece shine.

So if you want to be part of the newsroom excitement and help shape breaking stories, YourStory has curated a list of job openings for editors:

Online News Editor


Experience needed: 2+ years

The media platform is on the lookout for an online news editor with a keen eye for detail. The successful candidate will have to edit and schedule news articles while also verifying its accuracy and sources. They must optimise content for digital use and improve site searchability.

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Web and Magazine Editor

Mercom Communications India

Experience needed: 1+ years

Mercom India is searching for a dynamic and enthusiastic copy editor with a focus on renewable and clean technologies. They should be able to leverage multimedia content to enhance stories and user experience. They must use web analytics to monitor reader engagement. Being an excellent fact checker and creative leader is what it would take to be the right choice.

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Editor in Chief – Brand Journalism


Experience needed: 7+ years

The company is looking for a news editor who has experience in working with cross-functional teams. The selected candidate will be a key player in developing Pearson’s new brand storytelling platform. They will set the editorial guidelines, create the editorial calendar, and oversee content development. They will also serve as the chief writer for the site and find innovative ways to make stories compelling.

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Chief Sub Editor

Republic World

Experience needed: 2-3 years

As a Chief Sub Editor, the selected candidate will have to manage and produce accurate news. They should be able to design unique solutions to optimise news coverage. They must collaborate with reporters, editors, and anchors to facilitate efficient news coverage. Experience in online audience engagement, SEO tools, and social media analytics is an added advantage. Creating effective visual stories and enhancing storytelling through multimedia and data reporting would be the Chief Sub Editor’s responsibility.

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Desk Editor

Thomson Reuters

Experience needed: 10+ years

Reuters is looking for an experienced copy editor for its Asia Desk in Bengaluru. Their ideal candidate will be someone with strong news judgement and a sound understanding of financial markets. They should use Reuters data to add value to the copy. Their responsibility would revolve around cross-checking facts and figures and ensuring that the stories have the context and milestones.

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(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)


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