Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020 will help demystify the future of the IT industry

The day-long conference on December 18 and 20 in Bengaluru and Mumbai will help decode new patterns, futuristic insights, and ground-breaking analytics that can shape the present and future of the IT industry

Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020 will help demystify the future of the IT industry

Tuesday December 17, 2019,

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The IT Industry’s contribution to India’s GDP had grown to 7.7 percent in 2017-18 from 1.2 percent in 1998. According to NASSCOM, the sector aggregated revenues of $160 billion during this period; the IT & ITeS industry grew to $181 billion in 2018-19.

As digital capabilities improve and connectivity becomes more prevalent, technology is quickly and radically changing nearly every sector of India’s economy. This is encouraging enterprises to procure tools that bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies to innovate faster, with less risk, in the race to digital transformation.

The question ‘What enterprise IT looks like in 2020’ is a leading priority for business leaders, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and C-level executives. To get answers to this question and demystify the constellations of the technology universe, UK-based IT conglomerate Micro Focus, along with IDC, is hosting Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020 on December 18 and 20 in Bengaluru and Mumbai respectively. Register here for the day-long event.

Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020, under the theme- ‘Unravelling Constellations of Tech-Universe’, will decode new patterns, futuristic insights, and ground-breaking analytics that can shape the present and future of the IT industry. This mega event is a congregation of industry experts for C-level executives to decipher predictions identified by analysts on key trends that are essential for the success of their digital enterprises and here’s why you should attend:

1.To be future-ready

The meet will help predict future strategies and actions plans with the next level of technologies, supported by demos based on current infrastructure and future roadmap.

2.To be empowered

It will empower modern technology enterprises with critical capabilities to harness the power of digital constellations of Hybrid IT, Enterprise DevOps, Security, Risk & Governance and Predictive Analytics to ensure business success.

3.To network and learn

The conference will also provide an opportunity to interact with and learn from experts, peers and exhibitors. It will help accelerate the ability to execute and acquire a new set of skills, mindset, culture and vision, which can be acquired, adapted or influenced by peers, industry experts and subject matter experts.

4.To get an exclusive preview of IDC Futurescape Predictions For 2020

Over the next five years, the digitising economy is set to dramatically scale up and speed up. The pace of digital-powered innovation and operation will speed up by 10-fold or greater and this increased scale and speed of innovation and operation will be powered by hyper connected operating models. Get such insights and more at the event.

“Technology Horoscope 2020 will be an avenue to celebrate our past and to welcome our future – one that holds promises that need to be capitalised. Our focus at this congregation is to augment the technological roadmap of IT enterprises, drive strategic disruption and enable critical business discoveries to ensure digital success,” Kaustubh Patki, Country Marketing Manager, Micro Focus said.

Women in the lead

The day-long conference in Mumbai and Bengaluru will witness keynotes by Avneesh Saxena, Group VP, Research – IDC, Saruabh Saxena, Country Director, Micro Focus India and Genefa Murphy, CMO, Micro Focus. Also, Technology Horoscope 2020 will have breakout sessions aimed at empowering enterprises with capabilities to harness the power of Predictive Analytics, Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT and Security, Risk & Governance. The key highlight of the event, however, is a session dedicated to women in technology. A recent study by Intel revealed that in India, women now constitute 30 percent of the overall workforce in the field of tech. And while 57 percent women in India study STEM in college compared to just 4 percent in the US, the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Once these STEM-educated women enter the workforce, the attrition rate is high and growth opportunities limited.

Even though the landscape for Indian women technologists seems tough, there are powerful, dedicated trailblazers, who have charted a path to success despite all odds. The Women in Technology session is a tribute to these trailblazers and an attempt to celebrate the success stories of Indian women who are leading the pack with hard work and zeal. It will also feature a discussion on how women bring in expertise that make teams and work more productive and innovative.

Participants will also get a chance to sit in for a fireside chat with Genefa Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer, Micro Focus and get a glimpse into her insightful journey to becoming the CMO of a large IT enterprise. The chat will be followed by a discussion on the lack of women in STEM and the white spaces for women to cover at the basic levels of coders, developers etc.

An interactive session ‘Making the Unconscious, Conscious’ will feature key women in the technology domain who have made their way to the top or achieved significant roles in their career. The women will share their experiences and insights on breaking the glass ceiling in the tech industry.

So, join us to expand your horizons of technology expanse, leading-edge analyses and mission-critical trends, know future strategies and actions plans with the next level of technologies and accelerate the ability to execute and acquire new skills. Don’t miss Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020. The event is taking place on December 18 at the Ritz Carlton in Bengaluru and on December 20 at JW Marriott – Sahar, in Mumbai. Register today