Fujifilm is on a mission to ‘Never Stop’ innovating and adding value to its customers’ lives

Fujifilm is on a mission to ‘Never Stop’ innovating and adding value to its customers’ lives

Friday February 28, 2020,

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For more than eight decades, the name Fujifilm has been synonymous with quality imaging. However,  in keeping with its tagline “Value Through Innovation”, the company has grown and stayed relevant by remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and has evolved from being a manufacturer of film to building state-of-the-art devices across the fields of Medical Systems, Photo Imaging Products, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices, Industrial Products Recording Media, Graphic Arts.


With a global presence across several countries, India has emerged as one of the key markets for the company particularly in the field of healthcare solutions through AI and IoT. Today, the company’s medical imaging technology vertical is a core growth driver, contributing to more than 50 percent of its business in the country.

The company recently launched its latest brand campaign for its global “NEVER STOP” initiative in India.  The campaign, which highlights Fujifilm’s mission to ‘Never Stop Transforming Themselves and the World’, focuses on how the company is leveraging its advanced and unique technologies to create value from innovation and contribute to solving real-world challenges. 

Transforming lives

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd. said, “With our “NEVER STOP” brand campaign, we are thrilled to showcase our unwavering commitment of introducing innovative products and services to the Indian market across sectors. We believe that business corporation must be an entity that contributes to resolving social issues through its business activities, and by developing and supplying its own technologies, products and services. The digital film has been designed in line with our belief and showcases our transition from a company focused on photographic film to a company providing new value across a wide range of different fields and contributing to the resolution of various societal issues.” 

The film showcases not only the values of the brand but also the range of technologies that Fujifilm offers in India. It shows an elderly couple in the hospital with the woman undergoing various tests on Fujifilm’s Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Systems. Their granddaughter uses her Instax camera to take and print instant photos to cheer them up. The film ends with the woman getting a clean bill of health and the joyous moment being captured by the couple’s grandson on his Fujifilm digital camera.  The film illustrates how the company is committed to continuously evolving its technology and building expertise in areas like healthcare, high-functioning materials, and imaging solutions. It also bridges an emotional connection with the life of a regular Indian family going through and overcoming a challenging incident. 

Tribhuwan Joshi, Lead, Brand Communication, PR and CSR India, says, "In line with Fujifilm's global 'Never Stop' campaign, we wanted to shed light on the brand's imaging expertise, unwavering innovation drive, and an inspirational urge to solve social challenges in India which makes Fujifilm different in this competitive landscape."

Given the interesting concept of ‘Never Stop’, we thought of creating a film that builds a strong emotional connect with the audience and resonates with the brand. The film captures Fujifilm’s legacy and commitment of introducing innovative products and services and further highlights its belief that one should never stop believing, hoping, living, etc.”

Limitless innovation

In line with Fujifilm’s goal to resolve diverse challenges in society, the company has a range of products for consumers and commercial use in India.

A healing hand

As a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities, Fujifilm’s clinically proven products and technologies are being constantly improved to assist medical professionals with performing their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Its product range includes mammography machines, endoscopy systems, digital radiography systems, retrofit detectors, mobile X-ray machines, local X-ray machines, IVD, healthcare IT synapse etc.

Going graphic

Fujifilm is known and trusted by graphics professionals across the world for providing reliable and convenient solutions that raise productivity and quality. Fujifilm’s solutions have been offering solutions for the print and packaging industry. The company maintains direct contact with consumers through its extensive sales network in India, which is reaching out to onboard new partners and consumer segments such as digital and wide format presses. The energy-efficient Acuity range of printers has been a success with their speed, quality and precision in work.  The company has already crossed 100 units of Acuity installations in India

Photo finish

Fujifilm's digital minilabs and other retail photo solutions create stunning prints using environmentally friendly technology. Fujifilm's exclusive Image Intelligence™ makes sure photos turn out the way you intended. The products include the Instax series, Quick Print Stations, Photo Specialty Printing and 3-D Printing. In India, the brand is hoping to capitalise on the printing of wedding photos, the market for which is currently dominated by smaller studios and photographers. The brand’s Wonder Photo Shop offers a one-stop photo shop where customers can unleash their creativity and make memories come alive.

Storage solutions

Fujifilm has also raised the bar when it comes to computer data storage, professional video production and TV broadcasting. Whether recording dramatic footage or safeguarding corporate data, its products assure reliability backed by continuous innovation. Some of the key technologies 

Mirrorless magic

Fujifilm has also made significant inroads into the growing mirrorless camera segment. The brand’s X series is constantly innovating and improving and expanding the photography experience for its users with each new model. The X and GFX series cater to multiple settings including weddings, street photography, lifestyle, travel photography amongst others. The GFX range of cameras is best for commercial and fashion photography. 

View to the future

As it continues to innovate and grow as a company, Fujifilm is looking to develop more value–added products and services, and achieve sustainable growth through constant innovation by combining its own original technology with human resources, expertise and technology from around the world.