Coronavirus: Going above and beyond the call of duty

A lot of startups, individuals, and corporates are stepping up to go above and beyond their call of duty in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Going above and beyond the call of duty

Monday April 20, 2020,

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So, the lockdown has been extended and it feels like self-isolation and social distancing is the new normal. We know being home 24x7 isn't easy for a lot of people. Coupled with uncertainty about the present and the future, there is a lot going on. And it is quite understandable if you are experiencing anxiety and stress. 

Modi, coronavirus

In a webinar, Dr Samir Parikh of Fortis Healthcare answered questions on how to keep our mental health in check during this lockdown. We also found some apps that could make this a little easier – help you overcome your stress, or just ensure your mental wellbeing during these difficult times.

WFH Mental Health

Given that this lockdown has forced everyone to work from home, MeitY launched an innovation challenge for Indian startups to find solutions to video conferencing. Speaking of innovations, we discovered several interesting applications of technology to fight this current crisis. For example, meet Mumbai-based startup ideaForge, which has been deploying drones to monitor social distancing. 

ideaforge drone

Credit: ideaForge

Last week, we also saw a lot of startups, individuals, and corporates stepping up to go above and beyond their call of duty in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Hero MotoCorp is providing custom-built mobile ambulances, fashion designer Anita Dongre is making face masks, Bengaluru-based startup CoRover launched an AI-based doctor-video bot for your COVID-19 related queries, CRED is helping users to pay their rent using credit cards, and so many more.


Why India needs a logistics stack

Logistics and Supply Chain

The coronavirus pandemic has presented the need for creating a logistics stack, just like the financial stack in the form of UPI.

Impact of COVID-19 on PWD

People with Disabilities

From buying groceries to doing daily household chores and practising social distancing, people with disabilities are faced with multiple challenges.

How founders can survive coronavirus

Padmaja Ruparel

Padmaja Ruparel, Co-founder and Co-chair, Indian Angel Network

Padmaja Ruparel, Co-founder and President of IAN, talks about how the coronavirus impact, and what early-stage startups should do during these unprecedented times.

Solving healthcare issues using AI

Techie Tuesday - Prashant Warier

Prashant Warier, Co-founder Qure.AI

From working on pricing algorithms, Prashant Warier, Co-founder of Qure.Ai, is leveraging AI to solve healthcare problems.

DIY face masks using local materials


To help curb the spread of coronavirus, Brahmaputra Fables is teaching people how to make masks with easily available local materials.

How MSMEs will recover from COVID-19

Niranjan Hiranandani

Niranjan Hiranandani, President of ASSOCHAM, speaks about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on MSMEs as well as the road ahead for them.

Women-led countries are flattening the curve

women leaders coronavirus

Women leaders in different countries have been successful in curbing the spread of coronavirus. Here is a look at how they are facing challenges head-on.

A mini ICU for doctors to monitor patients remotely

RIoT Solutions

The founders - Ranjana Nair, Aardra Kannan Ambili, and Sanchi Poovaya

Healthtech startup RIoT Solutions, which builds respiratory monitoring systems, launched a plug-and-play mini ICU system to monitor coronavirus patients.

Quote of the day:

"The seismic events unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic will have a powerful impact on the world we live in, changing it in ways we had never imagined were possible. The economic damage is likely to be unprecedented."

- Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon

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