[Jobs Roundup] Do you have strong expertise in design and user experience? Here are some UI/UX jobs for you

If you’re an app designer with a thing for fine detail, here are some UI/UX jobs for you in companies to put the best of your creativity.

[Jobs Roundup] Do you have strong expertise in design and user experience? Here are some UI/UX jobs for you

Saturday December 12, 2020,

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With the world moving towards online spaces faster than ever before since the lockdown, there has been a growing demand for interactive virtual spaces. Thus, the demand for digital artists who can enable the transition has never been higher.

However, with the increasing competition in the UI/UX sector, you need to show a certain style that sets your work apart from the rest. In that sense, every icon, button and creative has to be aligned to the theme of your project.


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But the important thing is to ensure that the user has a great ‘experience’ while navigating through the app. At the same time, you need to ensure that the work meets a certain standard of quality in terms of the design, artwork, and overall placement of the various web and app aspects.

If you think you have what it takes to explore the job opportunities in the UI/UX space and see if the fit is right for you, YourStory has curated a list of openings for User Interface and User Experience designing:


Senior UI & UX Designer

Experience required: NA

BYJU'S is looking for a Senior UI & UX Designer who can help shape product building. The job entails the development of process flows, wireframes, and mockups to effectively conceptualise and communicate high-level design strategies and detailed interaction models.

The ideal candidate for the job should have a mid-level experience in UI/UX designing who is proficient in industry-standard tools like Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch.

The job also calls for advanced skills in problem-solving and familiarity with technical constraints and limitations, as they apply to design for platforms such as desktop and mobile, Android, and iOS.

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User Experience Designer

Experience required: NA

Swiggy is looking for design-oriented engineers, product managers and some of the best designers in a fast-paced, rapidly growing, hybrid (technology/operations) environment.

An ideal candidate should be able to create elegant and compelling designs and refine comprehensive UX user flows for business-critical interactions. But more importantly, the candidate needs to be well-versed in micro-interactions in use (on mobile, web, desktop, etc), and have nuanced views on how to make them better.

Prototyping skills are a must-have, with a deep knowledge of the various prototyping tools and software. The candidate should also be able to clearly and effectively communicate design processes, ideas, and solutions.

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HARMAN International

User Experience Designer

Experience required: 3-9 years

Walmart is looking for a full-time UX designer with mid-senior level experience. They are looking for someone with strong communication skills who proactively builds relationships and is a key contributor to improvements in designs and processes. The candidate should also be able to understand how UX can contribute to a broader goal while recognising business goals and technical complexities.

The ideal candidate should be strong in both core visual and interaction design skills, with solid technical capabilities in prototyping, front-end presentation technology, and user-centred design methods. They should also have an understanding of user-centred research practices and participates in customer-centric design processes

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Sr. User Experience Designer

Experience required: 4+ years

Walmart is actively recruiting experienced UX designers. The candidate should be an advanced creative and strategic designer, and be passionate for building in the ecommerce space. The candidate should also be able to make design decisions based on good judgement, experience, research, and data.

The right fit should have a Bachelor's degree and 4+ years experience of designing for multiple platforms experience, with 3+ years as a Senior UX Designer or Master's degree and one year as Senior UX Designer or equivalent practical experience. They should also have a strong product design portfolio that demonstrates how you design to solve for both business requirements and customer needs.

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Cerner Corporation

User Experience Designer

Experience required: 3+ years

Cerner Corporation is currently looking for a UX designer who can train, mentor and guide other UX associates, and manage large-scale or complex design challenges. The candidate will have to be experienced in wireframing, mock-ups, information architecture diagrams, concept sketching, high fidelity wireframes, and operating design tools. They are also expected to have a good understanding of design standards with strong communication skills and an ability to make and defend design decisions.

The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with Computer Science or Information Technology, Master's degree in Computer Applications, or related field, with at least 3+ years of experience in facilitating design sessions with a development project.

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