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Improving Conversions with Better UX Design

Improving Conversions with Better UX Design

Sunday September 13, 2020,

6 min Read

User experience and user interface are mostly confused terms in web designing. Although the terminologies sound the same, they are two different terminologies. The user interface is all about how a website should look like but the user experience is all about how the visitor feels visiting it and overtaking any action on it – That matters!

To improve the experience of the user on the website is the motive behind the user experience and where the workaround will be. To talk about it precisely, the user interface is a part of it too. 

There were times where the user interface was just a for branding purpose but as the web designing technologies evolved, it has more things to do. People don’t just read information from websites in 2020; neither the business owners want to display just the same.

A website is more of a conversion medium for leads brought from SEO and paid to advertise now. So, we have come to the advertising part, let’s discuss it in detail.

Getting the audience through paid advertising doesn’t count for the credibility of the user experience here. It is the bounce rate that can be counted against the paid advertising audience to test the effectiveness of user experience. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) constitutes the ultimate win of your user experience. It is not an easy job to optimize a website for browsing experience as well as for search engines. If you are sceptical about web design skills, hire a web designer who knows the better of the two domains. 

What makes a good UX for better conversions?

User experience is not all about user interface and visual elements on the page. There are few elements to be considered to make the user experience more intact while converting the leads. The following are the few important focus areas to be watched over when talking about user experience. 

Page loading speed

The hidden secret of the best user experience is the loading speed of a page. No matter how good and intuitive you design a page, people will bounce off if it won’t load up faster. The aesthetic design should also consider the page loading tactics to manage the speed of the first container load. 

Use elements that are only necessary. A bunch of CTA elements not only contribute to the loading speeds but also is a bad practice of building a user experience. 

Optimum number of interactive elements

Since websites have become interactive with more input elements to access the content, the need for UX has been establishing here. A good webpage with nice user experience is that with the necessity for a lesser number of input actions to access the content.

This is called intuitiveness in designing the user interface. Only an experienced web designer can understand it well as his experience comes to play here.

Having an optimum number of input elements helps the designer favor the page load speeds as well. Also, the hierarchy and type of elements used on the page constitute a better user experience. 

Mobile Responsiveness

More than 50% of internet users are mobile users. If you are designing a web page with the latest smooth technologies to make it look and feel good, think about the mobile responsiveness once.

The screen ratios are not standardized anymore. Any website that is loaded on different devices will load differently.

The positioning of the web elements and their rendering to the screen ratio is a great deal of work for any web designer.

If you are hiring someone to do your website designing, check out their portfolio first. Perfection in mobile responsiveness design vouches for any web designer’s skillset.

Brand image and identity

Of course! A website carries the brand image of your business and the company. It should be designed in par with the accents of the business logos and colors.

Can you imagine Pepsi having a website with a green and brown accented website? Can you imagine Apple having colors that are as same on Microsoft’s website?

That’s how important the brand image is.

A website carries the identity of the brand and it should be easy to navigate irrespective of the brand image it has. It is evident from the historical analysis of the brands and their customer acquisitions that brand name helps support user experience of the website irrespective of its intuitiveness. 

Responses for the input action

A response is always giving satisfaction that our communication is being received. It is as important as something as a responsive email to a customer email to you.

You may not realize but the acknowledgment indeed pleases your customers. If someone submits a query from your website, it is better to show him a response that the message has been received and he will get attention soon. 

Also, responses are more important when it comes to the other input actions like the slides, page-turners, pinch zoomers, swipers, and so on.

The user experience should adapt to the type of device the visitor is using. It should work differently and at best based on the screen size and type of the device. 


To achieve a better user experience for a website, there available various best technologies in the market with which the technical betterment of the web design can be executed flawlessly.

The main problem like which one to choose for future scope and growth of the company, you should consider the future availability, adaptability, flexibility, and security of the technology while choosing it for enhancing the user experience, because visuals are not the only elements that run the background actions on the website.

It should go in sync with the company’s color accents and the nature of the business.

If you want to know more about how user experience can be improved for your website, talk to a professional web designer who has great feedback on the work they do. Check out his portfolio once before hiring them.

All the best for your betterment of the conversions.