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Lowe's Innovation Labs' Demo Day: A peek into how startups are reinventing the home improvement retail space

The graduating startups will showcase their capabilities and shed light on how they've been working with Lowe's to build the future of home improvement retail, while industry experts will talk about their vision about the customers of the future.

Lowe's Innovation Labs' Demo Day: A peek into how startups are reinventing the home improvement retail space

Wednesday February 24, 2021 , 3 min Read

Curious about the trends shaping the of the customer of the future? Come March 10 and industry leaders and startups from across categories will deliberate on how the expectations and narrative around the customer would change in the near and far future during the virtual Demo Day of Lowe's Innovations Labs' accelerator program ‘CONSTRUCT’. Launched in June 2020, the accelerator program offered eight deep technology startups in its first cohort a chance to partner with Lowe's and reinvent home improvement retail.

The program was the maiden cohort of the international retailer and focused on reimagining, prototyping, and bringing to the market the future of home improvement retail. The accelerator program featured one-on-one and personalized working relationships and interactions with mentors from Lowe's and other leading organizations in the space.

During the Demo Day, the startups will pitch their capabilities and talk about the work they have done with Lowe's Innovation Labs in the past year. Apart from these pitches, attendees can also look forward to fireside chats, panel discussions and keynote addresses from industry leaders across categories at the virtual Demo Day.

Here's a look at the eight startups participating in the inaugural demo day

Stylumia: The startup has carved a niche for itself by augmenting human intelligence in the fashion and lifestyle retail sector using artificial intelligence-powered products. What sets these products and solutions apart is their demand and customer-driven approach. The Bengaluru-based fashion startup designs products at scale that enable customer-driven decisions with the help of real-time data.

Nanospan: Based in Hyderabad, Nanospan is using nanotechnology to produce graphene and nanocomposites that find applications in the construction of next-generation homes, defense tech, and energy storage. The startup also offers nanocomposite research consulting in areas like wearable applications and protective smart fabrics.

Infilect: Headquartered in Bengaluru, Infilect provides its clients with smarter retail insights and actions gathered from data harvested from its visual intelligence platform. The startup is coming up with SaaS products and technologies based on computer vision intelligence and AI that empower retail decision-makers while leading to judicious use of their time and capital. Using applications based on hyper-real artificial intelligence, builds generative tools to create professional photorealistic videos. A deep learning engine is the backbone of this Bengaluru-based startup's services that designs facial features based on any audio or text.

StoryXpress: The end-to-end video marketing platform enables brands and retailers to convert their e-commerce product catalogs into videos at a fraction of the cost and time. The cloud-based startup has its headquarters in New Delhi and also offers video personalization, hosting, and analytics to help enterprises boost sales. The human resources tech startup blends artificial intelligence and behavioral sciences to improve talent acquisition, management, and development by roping in analytics and smart-bots. It is located in Bengaluru.

Discover Dollar: The startup helps enterprises achieve increased productivity by using artificial intelligence-powered tools for clerical tasks like drafting claims calculation sheets, vendor follow-ups, and collecting payments. It assists firms in identifying leakages in payment and procurement processes by analyzing email negotiations, contracts, and payment data. The startup brings lifestyle brands and retailers actionable insights using artificial intelligence to personalize product decisions. These insights are collected by the Bengaluru-based startup from billions of data points that equips brands with insights that help them react faster to feedback.

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