Social audio app Clubhouse expands Creator First programme to India

The Clubhouse Creator First accelerator programme was launched in the US in March and is now being introduced in India to meet the unique needs of the Indian audience and creators.

Clubhouse on Wednesday said it was expanding the Clubhouse Creator First programme to India as the audio-only social media app looks to provide creators on the platform tools and resources to help take their ideas and creativity to a larger audience.

Clubhouse Creator First accelerator programme was launched in the US in March and is now being introduced in India.

"By participating in Clubhouse Creator First in India, we will help you with production and creative development, help you promote your show, and provide financial support via matching you with brands or a monthly stipend," Clubhouse Head of International Aarthi Ramamurthy said in a blogpost.

Applications for the programme will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with the first window closing on July 16, 2021.

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During the inaugural programme, Clubhouse saw a range of formats emerge - right from an originally scripted radio drama to a K-pop show about the ins and outs of the industry, to a series where photojournalists discuss their portfolios and techniques, Co-founder Rohan Seth said during a session on the app.

Clubhouse Co-founder Paul Davison said many of these shows were being launched, and the programme was now being expanded globally, starting with India.

Ramamurthy, who was also present during the session, said Clubhouse was a global social audio company.

"Since our Android release just a few weeks ago, millions of people in India have downloaded Clubhouse to have real, meaningful, and often very fun conversations. We stand in awe of the Clubhouse creators in India who are sharing their talents with people all over the world," she said.

Ramamurthy noted that in India, over the last few weeks, a variety of rooms were created on various topics, including cricket, music, gaming and contests, and even prayer rooms.

"We are so excited to see what creators from across India will bring to the table. The Creator First Programme in India will cater to the unique needs of the Indian audience and creators," she added.

Clubhouse had launched its Android version and expanded to the Indian market last month. Within weeks of the Android launch globally, the invite-only platform had crossed the two million users-mark. Clubhouse does not disclose country-specific user numbers.

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