How focus on technology in school curriculums can make entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Technological interference is revving up the curriculum of educational courses and streams and is becoming the core foundation around which new programmes and syllabus are built.

How focus on technology in school curriculums can make entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Thursday June 24, 2021,

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From growing economies, changing our living standard and culture, helping in digitising the domains and optimising the operations to managing via mobile systems along with learning on different gadgets, technology has been crucial to growth. 

The education sector, too, has seen an overhaul with the introduction of tech-savvy portals and digital progressions supported by technological advancements. It has been a force that redefines education by not restricting the horizons of knowledge to just textbooks and scribbling notes.

Taking it far beyond into the realm of fascinating digital apparatus and intriguing modules that disseminate knowledge in an exciting way, it has set modern-day modus operandi that is flexible and thrilling for everyone.

There is no second thought about technological interference revving up the curriculum of educational courses and streams, but it is becoming the core foundation around which new programmes and syllabus are built. Contributing to the evolution of the industry while grooming students to grow into their passion, technology is serving as an accelerator of growth and success.

With the majority of the startups being tech-based or tech-enabled, and youth showing amplified interest in entrepreneurship to start their own venture, students are relying intensely on the tech-aid from their respective universities and inbuilt business incubators.

Serving the young aspirants across different fields, technology is bringing to the table a new way of experiencing and preparing budding entrepreneurs to spread their wings in the coming times. 

Supporting creative minds

Contributing to the school of technology and design vastly, technological innovation is seen helping the students in connecting with their creative side.

From reception of latest trends in design to providing students with the means to go digital with their passion for reflecting their creativity in fields such as Product Designing, User Interface Designing, Communication Designing, Animation, Video Editing and others — technology is helping in transforming the conventional set of careers and approach towards a professional world.

Technology is coming to the aid of creative minds and entrepreneurs who aim to start aesthetically-driven ventures or creative startups with a technologically sound foundation.

Technology spawning diversified ways of learning

From chip surveillance to voice-recognition and algorithm-based suggestions and the role of Artificial Intelligence, technology has rejigged itself time and again to match the new-day requirements of people.

The tool of progression has overhauled several verticals already and is now leaving its mark across engineering and medical education as well. From sensory apparatus to coded collaborative technology, it is enabling students to absorb the concept and comprehend it well.

The spirit of entrepreneurship

Sparking their entrepreneurial fire with honing their critical analysis, reasoning and strategising, technology is emerging as the torchbearer for the entrepreneurial aspirations of the students. Universities are adopting both technology and entrepreneurship at the core of their curriculum building to nurture this spirit of entrepreneurship from the beginning. Some of the courses with specialisation in entrepreneurship are examples of the same.

Learning actively and strategically is encouraging students to be prompt with their responses and brainstorm intensely, hence sowing a seed of entrepreneurship at an early stage.

Connecting with students and making curriculum technologically sound indirectly triggers their brain to reflect a similar structural and analytical way to plan and organize things— thus developing an entrepreneurial mindset leading them towards their path to success in entrepreneurship after completion of the course.

This is supported by various incubators set up in educational institutions funded by the university or the government under various schemes.

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