[Funding alert] HR staffing and payroll startup BigLeap raises Rs 5 Cr for its stealth-mode product

HR staffing and payroll startup BigLeap will use the funds to boost its soon-to-be-launched BigLeap artificial intelligence app, BigLeap.ai, a stealth-mode HR product that aims to ease the job search experience.

Hyderabad-based HR staffing, payroll, and recruitment firm BigLeap on Wednesday announced that it has raised Rs 5 crore in debt funding from champion roller skating athlete and Arjuna award winner Anup Kumar Yama and others.

The fund will be used to boost the soon-to-be-launched BigLeap artificial intelligence app, “BigLeap.ai”, a stealth-mode HR product based on mobile/web applications to ease the job search experience.

To begin with, the company promises a minimum registry of 2500 plus job postings posted by multi-sector businesses located around the Telangana region. Currently, the app is in alpha mode and being used by BigLeap clientele. It will be available for the public and the commercial rollout during September this year.

“What excited me the most is the ability of BigLeap AI to crunch and simplify the complex job finding environment; it solves the human search difficulty by combining the strengths of human and artificial intelligence with a click of a button,” said Anup Kumar Yama.

L-R: Jamesh Johnson (Co-Founder, BigLeap) Anup Kumar Yama (Investor) and Sainath Malkapuram Goud (Co-Founder, BigLeap)

“The idea behind developing the app is to enable job seekers [to find] their perfect job easily. We have and will continue to build a large repository of open jobs and vacancies. You can save jobs, apply within the app, and even be notified of new positions matching your needs and skills,” said Vinay Kotra, Co-founder and Director, BigLeap.

BigLeap Technologies, founded in 2015 by Vinay Kotra, James Johnson, Manoj Yadav Thummala, and Sainath Goud Malkapuram, have operations and presence in 22 states and 18 ESI-compliant territories, including Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi NCR, and Mumbai.

As the coronavirus crisis continues, finding jobs has become hugely challenging for those who lost jobs and those seeking jobs, BigLeap AI app is targeted to solve this problem. The app will initially cater to the population in Telangana and will soon cover other geographies in India.

According to the company, Banking, eCommerce, Insurance and Financial Services, and IT/ITeS sectors expect their hiring numbers to go up. Among cities, Hyderabad tops the list of employment, with 100 percent of respondents saying that they are actively hiring.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai


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