Can neobank Jupiter disrupt traditional banking?

Five years on, the fintech veteran is ready with his second startup Jupiter, a mobile-first neobanking platform targeted at millennials.

Can neobank Jupiter disrupt traditional banking?

Monday July 12, 2021,

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Jitendra Gupta is one of the most recognisable names in India’s fintech ecosystem. 

As the founder of Citrus Pay, and later, the MD of PayU (which acquired Citrus Pay in 2016), he built and scaled products that revolutionised the country’s digital payments industry over the last decade. 

However, despite getting a $130 million exit, he continued to harbour some regret. 

“There was this feeling that I had not created anything large and impactful even after being in the startup ecosystem for 10 years. I felt restless,” Jitendra tells YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma in an exclusive interview

Five years on, the fintech veteran is ready with his second startup Jupiter, a mobile-first neobanking platform targeted at millennials. Jupiter wants to disrupt India’s traditional banking systems by marrying personalised financial services with new-age technology for the 21st century customer. 

Watch his full interview here: 

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Jitendra Gupta

Jitendra Gupta speaking at YourStory's MobileSparks 2016.

“None of the fintechs in India have been able to create any dent in the banking industry yet. If you really want to make an impact in the consumer’s financial services life, you have to establish a trust relationship over 20-25 years.”

Jitendra Gupta, Founder and CEO, Jupiter

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