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AWS invites developers to build and operate modern applications at the Innovate Online Conference

AWS invites developers to build and operate modern applications at the Innovate Online Conference

Tuesday October 19, 2021,

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In a world defined by almost constant change, organisations are looking to increase the speed of innovation, harness the power of data and create seamless customer experiences. To do so, they need flexible, scalable and modernised applications. Freed from monolithic infrastructure and built with the capacity to incorporate different components of IT, modern applications increase the agility of teams, as well as the reliability and security of apps. The potential of the modern application is wide-ranging and exciting, and can help fulfill the ambitions of organisations.

To explore this potential and help developers take their skills to the next level, AWS is hosting the Innovate Online Conference - Modern Applications Developer Edition on October 27 and 28. This free, online two-day conference guides developers on how to build and operate modern applications and shares insights into how these apps can reduce risk, accelerate time to market and lower the total cost of ownership. Attendees of the conference will gain access to step-by-step architectural best practices and guides, reference architectures from AWS experts, learn about new trends, and dive deep into core concepts and fundamentals. The jam-packed two-day conference will include online sessions, demos, hands-on labs, customer use cases, a resource centre, and a live Q&A session. Attendees will also have access to e-books and reports to help them hit the ground running.

Day 1 - Core concepts and fundamentals

The agenda for the first day of the conference will encompass everything from containers, serveless, micro services, DevOps, modernising Windows and SAP applications and more. The agenda of the day will revolve around business use cases. Attendees can learn the tools, frameworks and best practices to help them innovate, build and deploy faster from the AWS SSO team, solutions architects, DevRel and BD teams. Learn about the latest trends and the core concepts around modern applications and application modernisation.

Day 1 will cover five modules along with one-on-one Q&A with the specialists.

Module 1: Accelerate modern applications

Module 2: Move and modernise your applications

Module 3: Design and build new modern applications

Module 4: Transform to a Dev+Ops model & innovate with modern apps

Module 5: Modernise your applications

Keynote Speakers: Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist, AWS and Dean Samuels, Chief Technologist, ASEAN, AWS.

Day 2 - Modern applications developer edition

Day 2 covers more developer focused technical sessions, catering to level 300 and 400 (the session levels are detailed below and range from introductory to expert). The sessions will be delivered in two languages, and will comprise AWS Solution Architects sharing their expertise through tips and best practices to build strong, secure and resilient systems, applications and workflows that can continue to operate in the event of failure. The conference will also provide a platform to interact with AWS experts 1:1 through chat and wrap up with a session engaging community heroes, hosted by the AWS team on Twitch.

Day 2 will cover three modules:

Module 1: Full-stack application development

Module 2: Containers and services communication

Module 3: Systems design

Keynote speaker: Gregor Hohpe, Enterprise Strategist, APAC, AWS


Session Levels


Level 100 (Day 1): These sessions are focussed on giving attendees an overview of AWS services and features. If you are new to the concepts and topics discussed in this conference, the sessions at this level will be a good starting point.


Level 200 (Day 1): These sessions revolve around best practices, details of service features and include demos. These sessions will be slightly more advanced, so sign up if you have a basic knowledge of the topics.


Level 300 (Day 1 & 2): These sessions will dive deeper into the topic. If you are fairly familiar with the topic, but lack direct experience in implementing the solution, then level 300 sessions are for you.


Level 400 (Day 2): If you are deeply familiar with the session topic, have previously implemented a solution on your own and are comfortable with how technology works across different architectures, services and implementations, then sign up for these sessions.

Featured Speakers:

From AWS:

Olivier Klien, Chief Technologist, APJ, AWS

Dean Samuels, Chief Technologist, ASEAN, AWS

Gregor Hohpe, Director, Enterprise Strategy, AWS

Customer Speakers:

John Mckim, Senior Vice President of Engineering, A Cloud Guru

Martin Lim, CEO, Electrify Asia

Lilanga Gamage, Solutions Architect, Electrify Asia

Hitesh Bhatia, Head of DevOps, Airtel Digital Ltd.

Who should attend

The conference offers sessions ranging from introductory to expert, so if you are new to AWS or an experienced user, there is something for you at AWS Innovate. Attendees who complete watching five or more sessions live, will receive a certificate of attendance.

You can register for the conference, here and email us if you have any questions here.