Gen Z creator Tarini Shah is ruling the internet with her fresh and creative content

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Influencers Inc, Gen Z creator Tarini Shah gives us a window into her life as an influencer and breaks down the nitty-gritty of the content creation world.

Gen Z creator Tarini Shah is ruling the internet with her fresh and creative content

Saturday October 16, 2021,

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The pandemic has drastically transformed the social media landscape, which is now buzzing with Gen Z content creators. Every day, new influencers are joining the space and Tarini Shah is one of the prominent names that are stuck in our minds. By adding a creative angle to her content with commendable editing skills and an eye for taste. Tarini is consistently winning hearts.

Speaking to YourStory on Influencers Inc, Tarini says that she started creating content last year when the pandemic hit. The lockdown saw a surge of people on social media who were looking for content, and that was the right time to enter the creator’s space.

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She shifted from TikTok to Instagram Reels and the transition was smooth as she already was familiar with the 15-30 seconds video format. Apart from that, consistency always played an important role in Tarini’s journey as a content creator.

“I came out of TikTok and Reels became the next new thing, so I think I had that way of how to create videos on reels,” says Tarini.

She shares that she chose fashion and lifestyle as her niche as there is a lot of demand and traffic in that space. Moreover, she herself likes to watch fashion and lifestyle content, and hence, developed a knack for the genre. Tarini also liked editing a lot and hence she made her own cocktail of fashion, lifestyle, and editing, which worked really well with her audience.

Tarini adds mentions that she always segregates her content in terms of the format. The heavy content, which comprises pictures, memories, talk sessions, etc., go up as Instagram posts while the light content such as quicks videos or transitions goes up as reels. “I like to go with trends, and they are really very important,” she says.

She feels that she has a lot to learn and she is still gathering knowledge. “As soon as I learn something, I try to put it out there for other people to know,” says Tarini.

She intends to share her process of learning as she feels that the “how” part often remains unanswered. Apart from that, Tarini plans on experimenting with different formats and styles of content in the upcoming future. She expresses her interest in exploring the podcast space as she enjoys listening to numerous podcasts herself.

Tarini always wanted to be an influencer and she would want to pursue this career in the future. “Deep down, I feel I know that this is something I really want to do because it challenges me, keeps me creative, and keeps me on my toes all the time,” she says Tarini.

Commenting on the monetisation aspect of content creation, Tarini says that it’s not an easy process and it takes several steps to get to that point. In the present scenario, a number of brands are penetrating the space and therefore collaborating and monetising has become easier than it was before.

“There is definitely a lot of scope when it comes to the monetary aspect of it,” she says.

In the fun rapid-fire round of the interview with Influencers Inc by YourStory, Tarini shares her love for earrings and also a few fashion tips with the audience.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta