Aditya and Harsh Goela on importance of seamless collaboration and data security to unlock the true potential of your business

Financial coaches Aditya and Harsh Goela talk about technology fostering the growth of online education, data protection, and financial literacy.

Aditya and Harsh Goela on importance of seamless collaboration and data security to unlock the true potential of your business

Wednesday December 29, 2021,

2 min Read

Creating awareness on the benefits of updating to Windows 11, Microsoft and YourStory have joined hands to bring forth stories of inspiring entrepreneurs who are creating deep social impact leveraging technology.

In this video, the spotlight shines bright on Aditya and Harsh Goela, Co-founders, Goela School of Finance - a financial literacy startup that educates and enables people to make a career in the stock market. “The [pandemic induced] lockdown was one of the most crucial elements of our growth. After lockdown people started appreciating online courses. We shifted to a complete online model and saw a huge uptick in our growth,” says Aditya.

Other than the lockdown, another pivotal element in their growth has been technology. “You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve scale and technology enables you [with tools] that can help you in this journey,” says Harsh.

In the video, Aditya and Harsh also speak about the convenience technology offers to collaborate in a seamless way and being able to track your targets and outcome more effectively. Additionally, the duo speaks about the use of cloud technologies in ensuring their data is protected and used in a convenient and secure manner.

Touted as the most secure Windows yet, in Windows 11, hardware and software security work together to help keep users, data, and PCs protected. Its Zero Trust-ready OS is designed to protect data and access, anywhere, keeping users protected and productive. Harsh and Aditya are already working with several ecosystem partners who are helping them in making their courses more personalized to unlock the next stage of learning, wherein, the learning abilities and capabilities of each student will be understood using technology and data.

“Today, I feel everyone wants to change the world. I feel that’s an optimistic target. [In the beginning] People should focus on solving one problem of a person near you. Once that one person is happy, reach out to two more people and then keep making your base wider,” says the duo encouraging and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Some years back one needed a lot of [tech related] knowledge before starting a business but today there are tools and solutions that can enable and support aspiring entrepreneurs,” adds Aditya reiterating that deep tech-enabled online learning and teaching will see more and more people getting connected.