From resilience to recovery – artist, curator, and gallerist hopes for 2022 and beyond

Monalisa Kalagram in Pune hosted an exhibition, put together by The Curators.Art. Here are some artistic highlights, with hopes for a better future.

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The Monalisa Kalagram in Koregaon Park, Pune recently hosted a wide-ranging exhibition of over 30 contemporary artists, titled Contemporary Signatures. Some of the artworks are priced from Rs 45,000 to Rs 5.5 lakh.

The aptly-named art hub is founded by mother-daughter duo, Mona and Lisa Pingale. The current exhibition, showcased in the gallery and online, was conceptualised and curated by The Curators.Art (see Part I of our photo essay here).

Anand Panchal - Untitled

2021: lessons learnt

“The pandemic changed art viewing patterns the world over and collectors became increasingly comfortable with buying online, which is great for the growth of Indian art,” explains Lisa Pingale, co-founder of Monalisa Kalagram, in a chat with YourStory.

“But at heart, I remain old school and believe viewing art in person has an unparalleled magic,” she adds. Hence the gallery did not actively do too many virtual shows.

“Opening the season with a large show like Contemporary Signatures has more than made up for the brief absence we had from shows,” Lisa enthuses.

Seema Kohli - Kamdhenu

“2021 saw a slow and steady comeback to normalcy. The general sentiment among people about life has evolved, I would say. The pandemic has taught us to be prepared for the worse,” Mumbai-based artist and educator Gunjan Shrivastava observes.

People’s resilience has increased, and artists have explored new horizons of digital media. “Additionally, a lot of rural artists have come to the forefront with the advent of social media,” she adds.

The artistic journey

“As an artist, I am drawn towards nature and its various elements. I am working on various series, majorly focusing on sustainable works,” Gunjan explains.

She says she is an enthusiast of slow art, which focuses more on the experience than the outcome. “My practice of cyanotype and slow stitching connects to the idea of simplicity, sustainability, and reflection," she says.

"In this digital age when the world is becoming impatient and falling for quick techniques, cyanotype for me is experiential and meditative,” she affirms.

Gunjan Shrivastava - The Victory Chronicles VI

At the exhibition, Gunjan showcased her series, The Victory Chronicles. It celebrates the positive triumphal woman, with all triumphs and scars included.

“Deeply embedded in our mind, body, and soul, every scar traces back to a story as it is a reminder of our victories, the battles that one has fought within and outside,” she describes.

“But, not all scars are outside and visible. They can be the most disruptive events in one’s life, leaving memories behind of the stories they tell,” Gunjan adds.

These scars are relics of experiences and define one’s journeys. “They form visual fragments of the adversity overcome and pain suffered, They are a witness to our endurance, narrating stories of babies born and tumours removed, even the stretch marks that have their trail,” she says.

Bandana Kumari - Bicycle Diaries - Pedal & Pose

2022: the road ahead

Many in the artistic community are expecting a better year ahead, despite the ongoing waves of the pandemic.

“Since things are slowly picking up in the art industry, it would be interesting to see how curators, galleries, and artists are collaborating in an innovative way,” Gunjan says.

“What I look forward to is more physical and online (hybrid) shows across varied cities in the country. We have to look at markets beyond Mumbai and Delhi as the art buying market is expanding rapidly,” Sapna Kar, co-founder, affirms.

Sangeeta Singh - Conversation

“Young collectors now clearly see the importance that art brings to a home – probably at value-for-money prices. We at TheCurators also believe in promoting young artists who are at the inflection point of becoming coveted signature names,” she adds.

“We want to showcase them in group shows in prominent Tier II cities, where there is a demand for works like these,” Sapna signs off.

Now, what have you done today to pause in your busy schedule and find new avenues for your creative core?

Asit Patnaik - Intimate Whispers

Dinkar Jadhav - Celebration

Jehangir Sabavala - The Friend

Om Swami - Ganay

Samir Mohanty - The Play of Blossoms

Bandana Kumari - Luxury of Life II

Gurcharan Singh - The Party

Ramesh Gorjala - Ganesh

Sachindranath Jha - Bal Krishna

Sara Khalafi - The Royals I

Shiv Kumar Soni - Dreams of Childhood

Sreekanth Kurva - Bull (Benarasi) I

Vinita Dasgupta - Storyteller Cityscape II

Nishant Dange - Untitled

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Edited by Megha Reddy


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