A new approach to regulate crypto

Tanvi Ratna, Founder and CEO, Policy 4.0, has built experience in policy advisory in emerging technology and innovation, and is making a mark in India’s crypto regulation story with her Bengaluru-based think tank.

A new approach to regulate crypto

Wednesday January 05, 2022,

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Governments around the world are figuring out how to regulate cryptocurrencies, and India too is inching closer towards defining a framework with the help of think tanks.

One such research and advisory body is Bengaluru-based Policy 4.0 that is looking at regulation using a pragmatic approach and by focusing on crypto wallets and custody management of keys. 

“Cryptocurrencies have many use cases, and looking to regulate them differently based on the use cases can get messy. At Policy 4.0, we looked at it from a first principles approach, i.e., crypto assets are key pairs comprising public and private keys,” Policy 4.0 Founder and CEO Tanvi Ratna tells YourStory.

The think tank has been working actively with policymakers, regulators, financial institutions, etc, for the last two years to merge technical, legal, monetary and policy perspectives related to blockchain and digital currencies.

But Tanvi is no stranger to policymaking, having worked with Hillary Clinton, Sam Pitroda, as well as an internship with the Ministry of External Affairs. Now, she's using her extensive experience in policy advisory in the emerging technology.

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