How Success Pact has generated top tech industry talent over the last decade

Finding the right talent for any industry is a talent in itself, and Success Pact’s partial life cycle recruitment process has helped them source top talent to software engineering teams for the product industry in the country.

How Success Pact has generated top tech industry talent over the last decade

Tuesday January 11, 2022,

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The boom in the Indian startup industry has increased the demand for talent. Despite an abundance of talent in the country, it’s not easy to find them all at once. Therefore, it is highly important for talent acquisition firms to grab the opportunities that come their way and make the most of them.

In order to help top software organisations find the right talent, Delhi-NCR based search firm Success Pact offers retained search services and identifies technology leaders for its clients. Founded in 2011 by Preet Sirohi, Success Pact is a group of search consultants who are striving to change the game in India by understanding the evolution of recruitment.

Inception, values, and growth

When Success Pact started off in 2011, it had three employees who catered to eight customers across the country. The firm gradually saw exponential growth with a 331 per cent annual financial growth in its third year.

One of the biggest challenges Success Pact faced in the first three years was that many decisions were being made under uncertainty, which did not give them enough scope to be agile and flexible. This gave the management an idea to introduce options that allowed the team to design systems in a flexible manner.

In all its years as a talent acquisition firm, Success Pact has never used a strict control and command hierarchical structure, which has allowed the team to focus more on achieving the task at hand. The introduction of the training and development department in 2018 helped the team groom itself, and the introduction of an organisational structure outlined the direction of activities that decided the growth path of the organisation.

It was in 2020 when the firm formed different departments to differentiate the roles of multiple teams to enhance the services provided to clients as well as employees. The inception and implementation of the company’s core values were helpful for managing consistency and excellence in services. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Success Pact witnessed a 52 per cent average annual financial growth.

In its tenth year now, Success Pact saw a 55 per cent annual financial growth with 500 + Clients. The firm has also believed in the equality of sharing high cash benefits at every level of employment to boost the morale of the team.

Charting the success path

Success Pact sources top talent to software engineering teams for the product industry in India. They pride themselves in executing the partial life cycle recruiting process that requires a solid understanding of technical skills and domains.

Success Pact’s understanding of hiring needs, position specifications, and search requirements helps them source and engage candidates, conduct relevant pre-qualification screening, facilitate technical phone screens, and foster partnerships with hiring managers and HR to facilitate on-site interviews.

The talent acquisition firm has also been responsible for conducting research, exploring new ideas to create innovative sourcing strategies, and ensuring that candidates have a good experience.

Cross-collaborating with companies and stakeholders in various technical areas like backend, front-end, Product Management, DevOps, Program Management, and more gives the firm an advantage to find and provide the best possible match for both candidates and clients. The firm also trains and mentors new members of the staffing team to help them settle into the ecosystem easily.

Speaking about the incredible journey that Success Pact has charted over the last decade, Preet says that the organisation believes in delivering remarkable results with real generosity of spirit and action.

The introduction of a new division called the Executive Search Department has shown that Success Pact’s intent is to work towards solving the leadership hiring perils of IT Product Companies. The division is run by a team of dedicated and highly qualified individuals, and they have the closures to show what they are capable of.

With such incredible work in the last 10 years, Success Pact has surely cracked the code to success. Given the amount of talent hidden in the country, it’s time for more such organisations to come forward and encourage people to find the right places to utilise their abilities in the best possible manner.