Varun Pruthi on a mission to inspire people to help each other and bring about a change in the society

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Influencers Inc, content creator Varun Pruthi talks about his journey of creating content to inspire people and discusses the ABCs of content creation.

Amid the overwhelming number of content creators on the internet, here is someone who is inspiring followers by helping others. Former actor Varun Pruthi has joined the influencers market with an aim to make a difference in the society with inspirational and motivational content.

He has a community of 13 million followers on Facebook and 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

While talking about his journey, Varun shares that a person needs to make their own identity and know who they are.

 “I really believe that everybody has a gift,” Varun says.

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Speaking about the type of content he makes, Varun says that he has always wanted to help others.

“Inspirational and motivational content is something that is in my heart which I connect to and I feel can bring a change in the society,” says Varun.

On the process of planning content, he mentions that in order to do something big, one needs to be properly invested in it.

“If you want to do something good and build your own identity, you need to do it day and night,” he says. He adds that the most important thing is to start the work. Merely starting the work provides an immense amount of motivation to a creator and post that comes the planning part.

Apart from that, he shares that it is important to build a team to help with one’s journey of content creation.

According to Varun, the good thing about team building is that the work gets divided and it helps with supporting other people with their journey as well. In today’s world, where consistency is a key factor, planning the content is very important in order to be regular with content. Especially in uncertain times, like now with the pandemic bringing in shocking news every day, it is very important to plan content in advance so as to be regular and consistent, he believes.

“If you want the algorithm to support you, you need to create content regularly which requires planning,” says Varun.

Commenting on the role of social media in his journey of content creation, Varun shares that it has been a very important part of the process. He expresses his gratitude to platforms like Facebook that have helped him through his journey. He adds that social media is a powerful tool in the current times and it is freely available to all and this is because the internet is readily accessible to the masses.

“The Internet is so inexpensive right now that anybody can afford this and this has given a boom to social media,” says Varun.

In the rapid-fire round of the interview conducted by Influencers Inc by YourStory, Varun shares a lot of interesting facts and stories from his life.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti


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