[Techie Tuesday] Cloud clinics: Transforming the healthcare landscape in India for a better and healthier tomorrow

Cloud clinics have become one of the most promising medical innovations in recent years, be it for a regular medical check-up, a specific disease, or surgery follow-up.

[Techie Tuesday] Cloud clinics: Transforming the healthcare landscape in India for a better and healthier tomorrow

Tuesday March 29, 2022,

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Healthcare has turned into the core of development models of economies worldwide. The poor doctor-population ratio in India means many people living in rural areas do not have access to the best medical experts. But the technological innovation of cloud clinics brings the best doctors together with patients living in the remotest corners of India.

Consistent inventions and innovations in medicine have encouraged the advancement, and the last decade has seen the rise of e-health and cloud clinics. The growth of cloud clinics encloses the whole healthcare approach with the help of consistently creating technologies.

Doctor consultation and medical practices have reached the farthest corners of the country through cloud clinics facilities. Individuals from rural areas to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities can be checked by the best doctors faster and cost-effectively while acquiring the same healthcare quality as in-person assistance.

The concept of telemedicine through cloud clinics is making lives better and healthier across the nation. With telemedicine, one can directly consult doctors wherever using smartphone or computer screen. One can connect with India’s finest doctors from anywhere in the world.

Cloud clinics have become one of the most promising medical innovations in recent years, be it for a regular medical check-up, a specific disease, or surgery follow-up for a complete cure. Patients can avail teleconsultation in the comfort of their houses. They will be monitored and treated from cloud clinics through cutting-edge medical diagnosis equipment.

In rural areas, individuals are devoid of quality healthcare infrastructure, and cloud clinics are taking teleconsultations to deliver quality medical facilities to those patients. The healthcare revolution has started. Cloud clinics act as the first service provider to communities residing in deeper geographies. 

There is a deep-rooted relationship between health and lifestyle. A hectic way of living gives rise to life-threatening diseases that usually go overlooked because of a tight schedule and ignorance. Cloud clinics can help in the early analysis and timely treatment of different ailments.

Doctors beyond borders

As communication barriers are declining with the advent of telecommunications, doctors at cloud clinics are now becoming more and more agile. With telemedicine, one can directly consult them from wherever using smartphone or computer screen. Get connected with the finest doctors from anywhere in the world.

All health records at one place

With cloud clinics, maintaining physical records is a thing of the past. In online consultations, the reports, prescriptions, and health records are well documented and smartly organised, allowing one to access them from anywhere and at any time. 

Zero waiting time

Delayed appointments and long queues contribute to poor customer satisfaction in traditional medicine and the cost of medical services. There is little to zero waiting time with cloud clinics, significantly enhancing patient satisfaction.

Same services at affordable price

Cloud clinics cut down costs for both patients and providers. Modest medical services are sometimes crucial in poor communities where individuals may delay medical treatment because they cannot afford it. There is no transportation cost for both patient and doctor. Besides this, there is no need for any cabinet.

Easier and simpler documentation management

Software in cloud clinics is designed to reduce administration time to a bare minimum. At the same time, patients receive the same quality of care as in-person services. This provides doctors more time to consult and treat patients while keeping attendants satisfied and relaxed for their core roles.

Patients may be satisfied directly, waiting less for appointments while still receiving complete medical reports. It is the most beneficial thing in rural areas, as people are not good at maintaining records.

This will assist in managing all their health records easily and quickly, which patients or doctors can access at any time.

Safety and privacy

Direct interaction between doctor and patient through cloud clinics guarantees privacy and keeps away from risks of infection. It ensures the safety of doctors and patients from transferable contaminations, which are very common at large hospitals because of huge crowds.

This can be a genuine lifeline for individuals searching for quality healthcare services.

The processes have been shown to aid patients in a secure and safe environment. With the evolution of cloud clinics, patient satisfaction and effective treatment have remarkably grown in the past couple of years across the globe.

Future of cloud clinics

Cloud clinics have started a revolution in the healthcare industry. The new concepts of healthcare devices will bring a new beginning in the healthcare domain. Economies are also dealing with a public-private partnership to improve health education and patient education for self-diagnosis.

The transition of health devices and other medical breakthroughs will additionally work with quality treatment through cloud clinics. They will most likely be at the cutting edge of future health care services, assisting humanity to lead quality lives.

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