Skye Air Mobility takes on India's drone delivery space with ambitious plans

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Daily Dispatch, Swapnik Jakkampudi, Co-founder, Skye Air Mobility, talks about the company’s journey in the drone delivery space in India.

Thursday February 24, 2022,

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Skye Air Mobility is a Delhi-based drone delivery logistics startup making phenomenal developments in the drone delivery space in India.

Founded in 2018, the startup recently entered into a long-term agreement with diagnostic healthcare company Redcliff Labs to provide a faster supply chain for sample collection. 

Speaking about the focus on the drone industry in the Union Budget, Swapnik Jakkampudi, Co-founder, Skye Air, said the regulations, incentives, and rules have been very supportive and encouraging for the sector.

Drone Delivery Services
He said one of the key highlights was encouraging the use of drones in agriculture, which provided a boost to Skye Air Mobility. “Recently, we did a trial in Meghalaya, where we were transporting turmeric,” he recalled. 

Last year, he said the startup forayed into the healthcare industry, but in the recent past, it is majorly focusing on the ecommerce and agricultural space.

“Going forward, we are aggressively looking at doing a lot of trials with the state government and private players,” he said. Additionally, Skye Air Mobility plans on expanding into new verticals. 

Commenting on the number of drones, Swapnik said the company has four drones in the inventory. However, in the next six to twelve months, the startup will require 30-40 drones across different categories.

At present, the company is in the commercialisation phase with its clients, which will require a further increase in its number of drones (up to 100 drones) by the end of the year. 

Swapnik said Skye Air Mobility is in talks with multiple angel investors and venture capital (VC) funds to raise $1 million in a pre-Series A round.

In terms of revenues, he said the company is targeting a couple of million dollars in revenue next year, with its existing clients and the new clients it will acquire in the near future. 

Edited by Suman Singh