IT solutions provider Recenturesoft Infotech launches employee monitoring software for work from home

Recenturesoft Infotech, an IT solutions provider, launched an employee monitoring software as companies around the country are increasingly opting for flexible working environment.

IT solutions provider Recenturesoft Infotech launches employee monitoring software for work from home

Tuesday March 08, 2022,

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Recenturesoft Infotech, an IT solutions provider based in India, on Friday launched WorkTrackZilla, an employee monitoring software for those working from home.

As the world moves to a more flexible working environment while working from home for three or four days, some companies are still struggling to go hybrid as they do not have the necessary resources. 

Any hybrid work environment requires companies to ensure that employees can work from the safety and comfort of their homes without hassles. WorkTrackZilla aims to solve this issue with its software. 

“With our software, an employee's personal computer becomes your office computer. This is much more convenient and easier for MSMEs,” Shiva Nand, Founder and CEO, Recenturesoft told YourStory.

“We want to offer efficiency through WorkTrackZilla. So, anybody who needs a product like this, WorkTrackZilla will definitely catch their eye,” he further explained. 

The software also provides protection. “Our software is trusted by several companies and users and always aims to provide added layers of safety to a user's desktop,'' said the company. 

Founded in 2017, Recenturesoft offers various types of services, including web development, mobile app development, software development, online brand building, digital marketing, and much more. The company works with clients from various industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, and IT companies. 

As a process to test the product, Recenturesoft has supplied the software to all of its clients, and has more than 30 clients using the software. With this launch, the software will be available to the public. 

The idea of WorkTrackZilla hit Shiva amidst the pandemic when many companies were still adjusting to remote working.

“We are situated in Sector 63, Noida and we have many organisations which do not have that ecosystem in which they can easily be given work from home. So, that is also where the idea struck about WorkTrackZilla and this has made it easier to give work from home to go hybrid,” Shiva explained. 

With the changing market, Recenturesoft aims to deliver WorkTrackZilla on a national and global level with effective pricing and putting customers at the top.

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Understanding the product in detail

WorkTrackZilla is a remote employee monitoring software that analyses employee productivity during their working hours. It offers a time tracking tool to monitor the working hours of individual employees or the entire team.

The software records the idle time (when there is no change in the cursor), desktop recording (where screenshots are taken at set intervals), and website and URL tracking — which will be done through screenshots using automated screenshots feature. 

These would be done on Stealth Mode by not notifying the employee that the screenshots or recordings are taking place. It is downloadable from the website and the employee would run it during their office hours. The employees can start and stop the activity time manually whenever needed. 

The founders point out that the recording takes place only when the software is running and only monitors the screen and not the application running in the background. 

Each day's activities of each user, a summary is sent to the administrator in a tabular form using in-built Artificial Intelligence, the automated timesheets feature, claims the founder. The data is stored in s secured AWS server, Shiva noted.

Edited by Kanishk Singh

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