This deeptech data platform offers easy insights with conversational AI

Super AI, India’s only deeptech data platform uses simple AI-assisted analytics technology to make data discovery possible without writing a single database query.

This deeptech data platform offers easy insights with conversational AI

Friday September 09, 2022,

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How cool would it be to find the right data packed with latest insights that you need for a meeting just when you are running late for it? Just like Netflix suggests curated movie options based on what you would like to watch.

Meet Super AI, India’s only deeptech data platform that uses simple AI-assisted analytics technology to make data discovery possible without writing a single database query. Launched in 2022 by Saurabh Moody and Preksha Kaparwan, Super AI aims to give business users access to smart data stories simply by asking questions. It lets you query and visualise large amounts of business data through natural language. For instance, by posing a simple question like ‘What is the monthly sales of phones in California?’ it will connect to a variety of internal data sources for HRMS, CRM and ERP to answer the question.

Preksha and Saurabh came up with the idea for Super AI when they decided to run a data upskilling program during COVID to teach professionals how to build dashboards and use data to make decisions using data visualisation. They realised the tools they used were far too complex and expensive. It was then they saw that the future of data experience was going to be simpler, explainable, and collaborative.

“CXOs today are competing in a very aggressive market, they are expected to make instant decisions with constantly changing data, and today in an age where you can just order almost anything in 10 minutes are you going to ask him to wait two days for the updated report?” asks Saurabh Moody, Founder, Super AI. Powered by AI, Saurabh says, this platform was created to decompress the pressure on data teams to constantly build reports, and enhance data access and usage across the enterprise by offering data in the hands of the end users.

It is a proprietary augmented analytics technology that automates data experience using machine learning and natural language processing. This speeds up the time to data, automatically analyses patterns in the data, and communicates the analytical findings to a broad set of users using natural language generation and a variety of user interfaces. There are 1.3 billion business users that rely on around 5 million data professionals to build their reports today. Analytics teams are becoming bottlenecks and can serve limited requests with humongous data yet to be analysed.

The need to empower users of any skill has created a market for easy no-code data access. The augmented analytics market is expanding at 30 percent CAGR and is expected to reach USD 54 billion by 2027 as estimated by Markets & Markets. SuperAI is an early mover in this market that created an industry agnostic natural language to SQL semantic query engine that works with multiple data sources to analyse data without any need of training the machine.

How it works

Super AI offers two core features – search-driven analytics for business users who are domain experts but not technology experts. They need simple access to data because their job starts after that, and second, AI-powered insights where AI analyses and identifies notable insights.

This sounds simple when explained like this but think of it as a Google search on data that actually understands English and combs through data. Instead of giving you 100 probable fits, it gives you the accurate analysis of the metrics and further creates a visual exploration of possible analysis paths by prompting deep insights on related data.

What’s more, you can save the data story as it is or pick visualisation while adding your own knowledge to share human ‘why’ explanations and corrective actions. Over time, this will build a knowledge base of ‘whys’ complete with human insights.

“The future of data-driven enterprise does not rest on who has the most robust data science teams but on who is able to distribute the data to the smallest operational units in record time that provides autonomy in decision making and reduces corporate debt,” explains Preksha.

The startup offers a training-less system that does not need to be trained with questions, unlike other data chat solutions. Its semantic engine creates a fresh query for every natural language question and the Domain AI engine identifies table relations and creates subqueries to present contextual analysis along with original question analysis. Unlike other BI tools, which are data analyst- and data scientist-centric, users don’t need any training to use Super AI; they can simply write or ask questions in English.

Super AI’s multi-platform connectivity has a cross-platform context for seamless analytics on the move. Questions can be raised on multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, and even Microsoft Teams. They connect with all legacy data sources like SQL, MySQL, postures, and modern open-source databases like Druid and MongoDB.

Meet the founders

Saurabh worked with Microsoft in the SQL team and has handled various cross functional data assets. He then moved on to build his first startup with his colleague from Microsoft. He sold another data analytics startup in his early years as an entrepreneur and is now building Super AI with Preksha.

Preksha, a social marketing expert, hails from a hospitality background but rose quickly within the tech community popularising simple tech stories for businesses. A techie by heart and a marketer by expertise, she is passionate about simplifying technology through simple narration and creating a brand marketing strategy for enterprise growth. She has built an active community of 2.5 lakh followers and features among LinkedIn TopVoices. Preksha and Saurabh together built a community of over 8,000 citizen data scientists and are still running the fellowship to train non-technical professionals to work with data.

Staying true to the vision of data experience at the core, the founding team is moving with a clear intent to make insights actionable and tasks data driven. At Super AI, they believe analytics could be simpler, faster and accessible without writing a single query.

Funding and growth

Super AI has raised $1.8 million in seed funding from 9Unicorns, VCatalyst, and other strategic investors. They intend to become a go-to-data tool for business individuals with at least one user in every Fortune 500 company. They plan to expand their team in order to open the platform for analysts and business professionals by launching a public version in the coming months. Citizen Data Scientist Fellowship will also remain an initiative of focus to educate young professionals to do more with data.

Customer adoption

Super AI is helping Fortune500 companies ask questions on data with over 23,000 questions being answered in the past few months. It is also running a Citizen Data Scientist Fellowship to aid with data literacy amongst non-technical professionals as a team and individually - teaching the world how to connect data to dollars. With a community of over 8,000 fellows, Super AI is gearing up to launch its public platform for analysts and individuals to ask questions on data. They will be rolling out Super AI for a limited set of users in the first release and are taking requests for early access.

The startup counts Accenture, Nobel Hygiene, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center amongst its early customers. They are currently identifying the product fit working on the POCs with organisations like Spotify, P&G, ABInBev, etc. Enterprises seem open to creating a data experience for their teams with Super AI. “Super AI promises to bring easy insights with conversational AI. We are excited to partner with them to bring value to our customers,” said Sambit Banerjee, Global VRO Lead, Accenture.