Key trends shaping the workforce of the future

There will be faster adoption of automation and AI, remote working will lead to diverse workplace culture, and advanced tech tools will facilitate smooth hybrid functioning.

Key trends shaping the workforce of the future

Wednesday February 22, 2023,

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What does an ideal workplace culture look like? After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations across the world are talking about the workforce of the future with serious concern to change things for the better – whether it is about cost-saving for businesses or a convenient workplace environment for employees, all stakeholders are deliberating upon making hybrid the new normal.

Technology and the digital economy have enabled a rapid change in the way organisations operate. With the adoption of new-age tech and tools, there has been an optimistic shift towards remote work, automation, and innovation. Will hybrid become the new normal? What kind of trends and technology will power the professional growth of employees? Let’s find out!

The trends

As organisations move to work hybrid, the workforce of the future will not be limited to specific boundaries. The need for physical offices will come down as employers are already hiring transboundary, based on factors such as talent, cost-efficiency, convenience etc. This new trend provides a level playing field for job candidates across the world also making it possible for organisations to build a diverse, inclusive, and talented workforce.

Another trend that is shaping the work culture is the increased adoption of technology. With an increase in internet penetration and the use of automation tools, a key change will be that the workforce of the future will be harmonised with technology and will need upskilling and reskilling aligning with advancements in technology. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, 50 percent of workers will need reskilling because automation will have a significant impact on jobs worldwide. The report also suggests that new roles with a focus on automation and data analytics will emerge as part of this trend.

Jabra - leading from the front

Danish headset manufacturing company Jabra in its report ‘Hybrid ways of working’ finds out that location, leadership, and people will play a key role in enabling an empowered workforce of the future. Jabra with its state-of-the-art products is facilitating organisations across the globe to ensure a smooth implementation of hybrid work culture.

One of its unique products catering to the new-age workforce includes “Hybrid Working In A Box”, a limited edition product which boasts a webcam and a speakerphone together in a box. The product contains the superb Jabra PanaCast 20, an intelligent AI-enabled webcam, and the Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone. The Jabra PanaCast 20 webcam uses a powerful AI intelligent tool that automatically zooms and follows the user’s movements so that the image is always framed with the speaker at the centre.

Products like these enable smooth hybrid functioning within organisations as well as ensure effective communication with external stakeholders. Jabra believes that hybrid work is the biggest permanent shift in work culture for an entire generation and tech companies will have to lead from the front.

The workforce of the future will be tech empowered and will have more opportunities to innovate, build, and move forward professionally.

The bottom line

With millions of workers across the globe using technology to stay connected digitally, the future of work is set to be virtual first. Leaders must get the most out of virtual environments and create an inclusive culture.

To delve deep into the subject, Jabra in association with YourStory is hosting a closed-door in-person roundtable on the theme titled ‘The future of work demands a holistic approach'.

The main objective of this roundtable session is to enable thought leadership and knowledge sharing on what the future of work will look like, the need for using the right technological tools and how organisations and employees can work towards creating a sustainable hybrid work culture.

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