A Game-Changer in B2B Express Commerce: Marjins Wholesale

Marjins is a B2B Express Commerce platform bridging the gap between traditional & digital procurement methods providing businesses with same-day delivery of local/regional brands.

A Game-Changer in B2B Express Commerce: Marjins Wholesale

Tuesday March 14, 2023,

2 min Read

Marjins Wholesale is a new company that is launching a ""Quick Commerce"" 60 min Grocery delivery service for the B2B world by running independently owned micro fulfillment centers by franchised merchants in District, Taluk, and Rural India. The unique platform looks to close the gap in the B2B world by providing quick delivery services that exist in the B2C world.

Marjins seeks to bridge the gap between traditional and digital procurement methods by supplying and maintaining end-end inventory directly to franchised merchants' fulfillment centers. This allows these units to be operated by a franchised owner efficiently and with minimum cost. Marjins looks to provide an express service to businesses such as Kirana Stores, Restaurants, Paying Guests, and eCommerce companies.

Marjins is today one of the only B2B Express Commerce platforms in the country that can deliver local/regional brands from APMC within hours to businesses. This allows shop owners to avoid the dreaded challenge of going “Out of stock” despite customer demand. Additionally, Marjins provides an online presence for small/regional brands which are usually only available in APMC yards.

Marjins currently generates revenue from average sales margin as well as cashback payments on reaching monthly targets and high-value purchases. They also earn revenue from promoting brands on the Marjins app, displaying banners on merchant counters, and from brand onboarding commissions.

Marjins has a highly experienced team that specializes in onboarding merchants with local/regional brand knowledge. These merchants are typically established within APMC yards, and Marjins helps them transition their business model to an online platform. As an MFC owner within an APMC yard, you will have immediate access to local/regional brands and their network of retailers as customers with minimal to no marketing effort.

As they scale, Marjins has to keep building their customer value proposition while differentiating from national players like Udaan on a few products, and find a like-minded investor who can see the long term potential.