From Phool to ZunRoof: 5 unconventional startups making waves in India

The rise of outsiders in the Indian startup ecosystem is a testament to the power of unconventional thinking and innovative ideas. These ventures are rewriting the rules of business and challenging the status quo.

From Phool to ZunRoof: 5 unconventional startups making waves in India

Saturday June 17, 2023,

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India's startup environment is thriving with entrepreneurs constantly pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territory. While many startups aim to replicate successful business models, certain entrepreneurs, known as "startup misfits", choose a different path. These unconventional ventures are making waves in the Indian market, challenging established norms and sparking new waves of innovation.

In this article, we take a look at five Indian startups that are making headlines with their unconventional ideas. From sustainable floral products to innovative waste management solutions and electric mobility, these startups are redefining Indian industries and driving positive change.


Phool has a unique approach to the flower industry. It recycles temple waste to make beautiful and sustainable floral products. Through innovative processes, the company not only produce eco-friendly incense sticks and organic earthworm compost but also provides livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women.

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Banyan Nation

Banyan Nation is focused on waste management with innovative solutions. The startup specialises in plastic waste recycling and has developed advanced technology to convert plastic waste into high-quality recycled granules. Banyan Nation addresses the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste by building a circular economy for plastics.


BluSmart is an electric mobility startup aiming to transform the transportation landscape in India. BluSmart offers a range of electric vehicles, including taxis and shared mobility services, to provide commuters with eco-friendly transportation options. BluSmart helps reduce air pollution and promote a greener future by providing convenient and sustainable mobility solutions. 


ZunRoof harnesses solar energy to positively impact energy consumption in India. It offers affordable residential rooftop solar solutions, enabling homeowners to generate clean, renewable energy on their own. ZunRoof's innovative technology and financing capabilities bring solar power to more people and accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy sources.

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Ather Energy

Ather Energy develops and manufactures intelligent electric scooters with the latest technology and features. Its scooters not only provide sustainable mobility but also aim to ensure a seamless and connected driving experience through intelligent systems.

Edited by Kanishk Singh