Embark on a Timeless Journey - Ancrypto’s 7 Wonders NFTs Bring History to Life

By choosing the seven wonders to create NFTs, AnCrypto is reinforcing its commitment to preserving and promoting cultural significance in the digital realm.

Embark on a Timeless Journey -  Ancrypto’s 7 Wonders NFTs Bring History to Life

Wednesday June 21, 2023,

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The seven wonders of the world – old and new – have always been the cause of much excitement and interest. Be it the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Taj Mahal, these wonders are on the bucket list of most people. Travelling there isn’t easy, but you can now own a special artwork of these wonders for free!

AnCrypto, the world’s first chat and pay wallet, recently launched a unique campaign that is redefining how art is perceived, shared, and owned by democratising access to the world of NFTs. It is giving users the chance to collect exclusive NFT artworks representing the iconic Seven Wonders of the World for free. The aim of this campaign is not just to give people exposure to the world of NFTs, but also to create a remarkable experience for art enthusiasts and history buffs worldwide. 

Going beyond boundaries: The story of 7 Wonders NFTs

It has been accepted that Web3 and NFT technology are the future, and are steadily gaining momentum. With the 7 Wonders NFTs, AnCrypto is merging the future with the glorious past, while reinforcing its commitment to preserving and promoting cultural significance in the digital realm. To that end, each NFT is a digital replica of the wonders, reflecting its spirit, majesty, and cultural significance.

“Our vision with the 7 Wonders NFT campaign goes beyond the realms of art and technology,” stated Siddharth Gupta, CTO for AnCrypto. “By bringing together the wonders of the world and the limitless potential of the crypto space, we strive to create an immersive experience that fosters a sense of unity among our community members,” he added. 

Through these NFTs, AnCrypto is not only celebrating wonders that have stood the test of time, transcending cultural borders and symbolising human achievement, but also working towards establishing a global community of collectors interested in culture, history, and inclusivity. 

How to claim the NFTs

Participants can unlock their own NFT artworks symbolising the seven wonders by completing a specified transaction volume. Interested users need to:

01. Perform chat and pay transactions

02. Complete bridge transactions

03. Undertake transactions apart from chat and pay

For Instance, to unveil the first NFT, you must complete three chat and pay transactions, one Bridge transaction, and two transactions apart from chat and pay.

To reveal the second NFT, the requirements are four chat and pay transactions, two Bridge transactions, and three transactions outside chat and pay. The transactions increase correspondingly as you unveil the other five NFTs. 

On fulfilling the necessary transactions for each NFT, participants can claim all seven NFTs by simply tapping on them. The claimed NFTs will promptly appear in your collection. 

A participant who is the first to claim all seven NFTs will receive a reward of $100 along with the seven NFTs. The second individual to complete the collection will be rewarded $50 and seven NFTs, while the third person will receive $30 along with the NFTs. 

Get your own NFT for free

AnCrypto hopes to foster a vibrant community through the 7 Wonders NFT collection. It aims to inspire and create amazement in consumers by combining the world's wonders into the crypto realm in the form of NFTs. These works of art epitomise the spirit of exploration while showcasing the potential of the cryptocurrency world.

The 7 Wonders NFT collection embodies AnCrypto's dedication to expanding the realm of what is conceivable in the cryptocurrency industry. AnCrypto wants its community members to discover the fascinating mysteries of the crypto realm by fusing creativity, innovation, and whimsy, and is rewarding them for engagement and participation.

To participate in the 7 Wonders NFTs contest and get your hands on your own NFT for free,

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