Upcoming webinar: How to manage your COD customer better? Know all about reducing RTO and NDR for your D2C brand

A live webinar on ‘How to reduce return-to-origin (RTO) and non-delivery report (NDR) - Navigating the COD consumer’ will be jointly hosted by Delhivery and YourStory on July 6, 2023, 4 pm-5 pm.

Upcoming webinar: How to manage your COD customer better? Know all about reducing RTO and NDR for your D2C brand

Friday June 30, 2023,

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Online shopping is now the go-to option for many shoppers. The plethora of brands now available online and features such as hassle-free returns and exchange, cash on delivery (COD), quick deliveries, and more have added to the ease of shopping, leading many to choose online over the offline experience.

For sellers though, return orders, delayed deliveries, cancellations on in-transit deliveries, non-deliveries due to wrong or incomplete addresses, etc. are big challenges. Such issues on cash-on-delivery (COD) orders can affect profit margins for D2C brands and can also translate into a broken post-purchase experience for customers.

So how can D2C brands navigate these challenges in an efficient manner? What are the technologies they can adapt to solve these bottlenecks? Learn all that and more in our upcoming webinar, ‘How to reduce RTO and NDR - Navigating the COD consumer’.

The webinar is presented by Delhivery alongside YourStory as its media partner, and is a part of their recently launched initiative, The D2C Playbook.

Why should you register?

The live webinar will feature speakers such as Mohammed Ali, SVP and Head, SME and Direct, Delhivery; Sidhant Keshwani, Founder and CEO, Libas; and Saurabh Bansal, Head of Digital, TCNS Clothing Company Ltd. presenting insights into:-

  • Ways through which D2C brands can reduce RTO - Importance of deeper ecosystem partnerships, better processes, and technology.
  • Leading infrastructure, tools, and processes that can reduce your RTO rate.
  • How RTOs and NDRs affect your profit margins
  • Navigating your cash-on-delivery (COD) customer in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Role of intelligent analytics in minimising returns - Understanding customer behaviour, patterns in reverse logistics, and real-time visibility into cancellations and returns.
  • Technologies that can help you grow your D2C business and forge a stronger customer-brand relationship.
  • How can SMEs leverage Delhivery’s reverse logistics to serve customers better?

The webinar will also provide a detailed overview of Delhivery’s infrastructure, tools, and processes such as the company’s extensive warehousing network, Express part-truckload networks, NDRs, RTO predictor, and Addfix (Delhivery’s patent address correction technology), and more.

You'll also get a chance to engage with the speakers who will be happy to answer your queries and share their knowledge so you can build a stronger D2C business.

Date: July 6, 2023

Time: 4 pm-5 pm

The D2C Playbook - What’s in store for you?

The D2C Playbook will take a closer look at India’s D2C landscape, and examine how D2C brands are using disruptive technologies to build innovative solutions for the new India.

An initiative presented by Delhivery, in association with YourStory, The D2C Playbook will throw light on significant D2C growth drivers and factors such as fundraising, brand building, optimising customer experience, reducing RTOs, international shipping, leveraging AI/ML, payment gateways, sustainability, and more, through a series of videos, articles, interviews, and live webinars. The initiative presents an opportunity for the audience to hear from industry experts and discover the latest tactics and insights to launch, optimise and scale their D2C business.