12-Year-Old Millionaire CEO, Pixie Curtis, Celebrates Birthday and Retirement Together

Twelve-year-old Pixie Curtis, CEO of Pixie's Fidgets, is celebrating her birthday and retirement together, stepping back from her multimillion-dollar business to focus on education

12-Year-Old Millionaire CEO, Pixie Curtis, Celebrates Birthday and Retirement Together

Monday July 31, 2023,

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Pixie Curtis, an extraordinary 12-year-old from Australia, has already earned the title of CEO with her successful toy company, Pixie’s Fidgets. Despite her business success, Curtis has made the surprising decision to retire to focus on her education.

Curtis' entrepreneurial journey began at a tender age in 2021 when she and her mother, Roxy Jacenko, co-founded Pixie’s Fidgets. Initially selling bows, they pivoted to fidget spinners during the pandemic, leading to a multimillion-dollar empire. By 2023, Curtis was making over $133,000 monthly (approx Rs 1,09,40,546). Yet, despite her business accomplishments, the youngster has decided to step back from her empire.

The idea for the birthday-retirement celebration was proposed by Jacenko, who emphasized the importance of education. The event was a glamorous affair, with guests receiving goodie bags sponsored by luxury Australian beauty brand MCoBeauty, valued at over $50 each. Curtis shared glimpses of the celebration and these skincare-filled bags on Instagram, where she regularly showcases her opulent lifestyle to her 140,000 followers.

However, Curtis' lavish lifestyle and her decision to retire at such a young age have drawn mixed reactions. Some social media users argue she should enjoy her childhood, Critics highlighted her promotion of adult-targeted products and her ownership of a Mercedes Benz, gifted by her mother on her 10th birthday, as examples of an overly mature lifestyle. Others celebrate her entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments, expressing their admiration for her achievements.

As Curtis steps back from her successful business to re-focus on school, her story presents a stark reflection of our times – a world where children engage in adult-like ventures, raising questions about the balance between childhood and precocious entrepreneurship.