2007 iPhone Sealed by Time: Breaks Record Fetching Rs 1.3 Cr at Auction

In a record-breaking auction, a factory-sealed, first-gen iPhone from 2007 has sold for an astronomical Rs 1.3 Cr, highlighting the immense value of Apple's lasting legacy.

2007 iPhone Sealed by Time: Breaks Record Fetching Rs 1.3 Cr at Auction

Monday July 17, 2023,

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In an event that has sent shockwaves through the auction and tech world alike, an unopened first-generation iPhone from 2007 has claimed a jaw-dropping Rs 1.3 Crs ($158,000), setting a new record for the most valuable iPhone ever auctioned. This iPhone holds a unique place in tech history, as it belonged to one of the original engineers involved in creating the device.

The first-generation iPhone, unleashed to the world by Steve Jobs, was a trailblazer in the industry, revolutionizing smartphones with its touchscreen interface and multifaceted features. The device's significance and untouched condition make it a tech relic, and this auction has proven its immense value.

The auction conducted by LCG Auction featured a 4GB version of this iconic iPhone. Predicted to sell between $50,000 and $100,000, enthusiastic bidding pushed the final price to a staggering $158,644. This astronomical figure crushed the previous record of $63,000, set earlier this year, by a mammoth 250%.

Incredibly, the 4GB first-generation iPhone originally sold for just $499, roughly Rs 40,000, at its 2007 launch. This means the device's value has skyrocketed by an astonishing 318 times in only 16 years.

LCG Auction provided a vivid description of the device, highlighting its "virtually flawless" condition and pristine seal, making it a precious find for any collector. Further amplifying its uniqueness, this iPhone was owned by a member of the original iPhone engineering team, adding an air of sentimentality and historical gravitas to the device.

Interestingly, this 4GB iPhone is considered a "Holy Grail" among collectors due to its short production period before being outshone by the 8GB model. Its rarity was made evident when an unopened 8GB model fetched only $44,771 (around Rs 36 lakh) at the same auction.

This auction once again underscores the significant cultural and historical value of Apple products among collectors, who are willing to pay immense sums for such unique pieces. It's a testament to Apple's lasting legacy and the fervor of collectors in their quest for a piece of this revolutionary technological history.