Let's Jetty: How Three Women Are Changing Group Travel Forever

Raising over $15K on Kickstarter in 72 hours, Let's Jetty is poised to reshape group travel planning with its groundbreaking app, Jetty

Let's Jetty: How Three Women Are Changing Group Travel Forever

Thursday July 20, 2023,

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A brand-new startup called Let’s Jetty, founded by three ambitious women, has made a big splash on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. They've managed to raise $15,000 within just three days of launching their campaign. They've developed an app, named Jetty, to make planning group trips less of a hassle. They're aiming to put an end to messy group chats and constant misunderstandings.

The three women behind the app are Wendy Diep, Suzie Palma, and Nicole Martinez. They've all worked at big tech companies like Amazon, Overstock, and Zulily before, so they know a lot about tech and the problems people face when trying to plan trips together. What makes their story even more inspiring is that they're all the children of immigrants. In fact, Diep and Palma were the first people in their families to go to college.

The timing for Jetty's launch is perfect. With the pandemic winding down, people, especially young adults, are excited about travelling again. Jetty aims to be more than just another travel app. It wants to make the whole travel experience better and help people connect with each other.

Despite some challenges, like the fact that they don't come from engineering backgrounds, the founders of Let's Jetty aren't worried. They have skills in developing products, marketing, and design that give them an edge. They've also got a good developer, Tyler Palma, on their side.

One thing that stands out about Jetty is how much they value feedback. They're inviting their supporters to share their ideas and even try out the app before it's released to the public. They're determined to build an app that's made for group travelers, by group travelers.

For their Kickstarter supporters, Let's Jetty has an exclusive membership offer. It includes extra benefits like discounts on partner accommodations and priority access to Jetty's concierge service.

As Jetty prepares to make its mark on the travel tech industry, its early success on Kickstarter shows the startup has great potential. With a focus on making travel planning easier and more enjoyable, Let's Jetty is ready to shake up the travel tech world with their tailor-made solution for today's digital-savvy travelers.

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