Record-breaking Demand for Messi's First MLS Game: Tickets Sell for RS 90 lakh

Messi's sensational move to Inter Miami is causing a record-breaking surge in MLS ticket prices - some are fetching an astounding $110,000

Record-breaking Demand for Messi's First MLS Game: Tickets Sell for RS 90 lakh

Tuesday July 18, 2023,

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As the football world braces for Lionel Messi's debut in the Major League Soccer (MLS), the staggering impact of the Argentine's move to Inter Miami is reflected in the skyrocketing ticket prices. The magnitude of Messi mania has reached such a peak that some tickets for his debut are being resold for a mind-boggling $110,000 (approximately ₹90 lakh).

The Argentine ace's signing with the David Beckham-owned MLS side has set the fans' pulses racing, translating into an unprecedented surge in demand for tickets. The forthcoming match on July 21, a Leagues Cup showdown with Cruz Azul, has fans across the globe in a frenzy. Remarkably, even the average ticket price stands at $487 (approximately ₹40,000), reflecting the enormous anticipation surrounding the encounter.

However, the Messi magic extends far beyond just one match. The reverberations are being felt even in the build-up to his MLS league debut against Charlotte on August 20. The average ticket price for this event has seen an astronomical rise of nearly 900% since the rumors of Messi joining Inter Miami began circulating in early June.

Interestingly, despite Inter Miami's less-than-stellar performance this season, ticket prices have surged by an incredible 700%. The Messi effect, it seems, goes far beyond the player's performances on the pitch, instead creating a socio-economic ripple in the football market.

In a recent event, Messi expressed his joy and commitment to Inter Miami, highlighting his desire to compete, win, and help grow the club. His excitement appears to be echoed in the hearts of fans, whose fervor is visible not just in the inflated ticket prices but also in their willingness to travel hundreds of miles just to catch a glimpse of their football idol in action.

Indeed, "Messi mania" has transcended the football pitch and permeated local culture. The Hard Rock Cafe, in a nod to Messi's star power, unveiled the "Messi Chicken Sandwich" - a Milanese-style fried chicken breast topped with melted provolone cheese. This culinary tribute is another testament to Messi's far-reaching influence.

On social media, Messi thanked the fans for their warm welcome, expressing his appreciation despite the weather playing spoilsport. He also gave a nod to the artists who performed at the event, showcasing his humility and graciousness. His parting words, "See you again on Friday...", have set the stage for what promises to be a historic event in the annals of American soccer.

As the world awaits Messi's debut in the MLS, the exorbitant ticket prices speak volumes about his impact on the sport. Irrespective of Inter Miami's on-field fortunes, Messi's arrival has already made its mark, stirring a level of excitement and anticipation in the MLS that is nothing short of extraordinary.

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