ChatGPT 5: What to expect from the next AI evolution

With an already popular AI model- ChatGPT, all eyes are set on its new version GPT 5! Here is all that we know about the upcoming ChatGPT 5.

ChatGPT 5: What to expect from the next AI evolution

Wednesday November 08, 2023,

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A few years ago, talking to a machine was only limited to movies but now it is a well-known technology tool. ChatGPT- though came last year in November, took the world by storm as it had the power to automate tons of tasks and make things easy for us.

In fact, right now ChatGPT is a part of several businesses which shows how rapidly it is being adopted.

With its growing popularity, the world is now awaiting the latest version of this AI tool, ChatGPT 5. Here's what you need to know!

When is ChatGPT 5 coming?

Rumour has it that ChatGPT 5 is in the making. Until now, there has been no official announcement from the San Francisco-based maker of this tech, OpenAI. However, Sam Altman has revealed that his team has not started training this next-generation language model as of yet. The lack of Nvidia GPUs that help to run and train this AI language model is the reason.

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But launching an update to this generative AI needs time. If you look back in time, the development of ChatGPT started in 2018 and about 3 years later, the free demo version GPT 3.5 was made public. Similarly, in 2021, OpenAI was working on GPT 4 which was made available in 2023.

What's important to note is that OpenAI has officially announced the arrival of the intermediate version or GPT 4.5 could be launched by September or October of this year.

By following this pattern, ChatGPT could possibly arrive in 2025. However, according to a report by Windows Latest, OpenAI filed a trademark application with USPTO for GPT 5 on July 18th.


Possible features of ChatGPT 5

So far, we have no hints or glimpse of what ChatGPT 5 could be like but that leaves room for speculations. Here are some features the new version of this chatbot may have.

Enhanced knowledge

ChatGPT's free version has a limited database. So, it can retrieve data until 2021. The new version is expected to have better capabilities to answer complex questions with its latest database. Perhaps, it could also give relevant responses to theoretical niches or broaden its spectrum to other subjects and domains.

Better language comprehension

Since ChatGPT is one of the best Natural language processing (NLP) models, it is bound to get better with time. Its successor model could understand text prompts or context in an efficient manner. This means ChatGPT 5 will produce more accurate and relevant responses.

More multi-modal capabilities

So far, GPT 4 has multi-modal capabilities that help it theoretically understand images and graphs. It is expected that GPT 5 could possibly understand audio, videos or combinations of modalities. As a result, creators could automate tasks like organising video timelines.

Reduced AI hallucination

AI is not always right. As warned by WHO this year, AGI is not suitable for providing accurate diagnostic or health-related information. OpenAI developers could improve the chatbot's response and understanding of human health by training with unbiased data.

Embrace the AI revolution and get ready for a future where ChatGPT 5 leads the way in redefining what's possible. As we journey into uncharted technological territories, we'll be your trusted guide, keeping you at the forefront of innovation and discovery.