Enhance Your ChatGPT Experience to the Next Level with the Latest Updates!

ChatGPT's new features include multi-file uploads, suggested replies, keyboard shortcuts, and more! Dive into an enhanced experience now!

Enhance Your ChatGPT Experience to the Next Level with the Latest Updates!

Friday August 04, 2023,

2 min Read

OpenAI is thrilled to announce several small, but substantial updates to enhance the overall ChatGPT experience. Shipping over the next week, these updates are set to make interacting with our artificial intelligence more intuitive, efficient, and satisfying than ever.

Prompt Examples

We understand that staring at a blank screen can be daunting, often leading to a struggle to initiate conversations. To mitigate this, we're introducing 'Prompt Examples' at the start of every new chat. This feature will offer examples of what you can ask or say, guiding you to kick-start the conversation effortlessly.


Suggested Replies

In our efforts to make conversations with ChatGPT more engaging, we’re rolling out 'Suggested Replies.' This feature offers you a set of contextually relevant replies to choose from, enabling you to navigate your conversation smoothly and delve deeper into the topics you're discussing.

GPT-4 by Default

We heard you, Plus users! Moving forward, starting a new chat will be even more efficient. The AI will now default to your last used model, GPT-4. This means no more having to manually switch from the preset GPT-3.5 model every time you start a new session.

Multi-file Upload Capability

In an exciting development, we're also enabling ChatGPT to analyze data and derive insights from multiple files. This new feature, available to all Plus users, dovetails with the ongoing Code Interpreter beta, paving the way for a richer, more detailed data interpretation experience.

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Staying Logged in, Longer

We're ending the repetitive routine of logging in every 2 weeks. Stay logged in for a longer period, and when you do need to log in, expect a friendlier, more welcoming landing page.

Speeding Up Work with Keyboard Shortcuts

To further optimize your interaction with ChatGPT, we're introducing 'Keyboard Shortcuts.' For instance, use the shortcut ⌘ (Ctrl) + Shift + ; to instantly copy the last code block. Access the complete list of shortcuts by typing ⌘ (Ctrl) + /, and start saving valuable time as you work.


In conclusion, we at OpenAI are committed to constantly improving your ChatGPT experience. Each of these enhancements is designed to make your interaction with our AI not just more intuitive, but also more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!