Maharashtra to represent India in Japanese programme to elevate entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem

Amit Kothawade from Maharashtra has been selected for the Government of Japan’s Knowledge Co-Creation Program on ‘Enhancement of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem’ and will represent the country.

Maharashtra to represent India in Japanese programme to elevate entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem

Friday August 25, 2023,

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In a significant stride towards fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, Maharashtra has emerged as the exclusive Indian participant in the Japanese Government's pioneering ‘Knowledge Co-Creation Program on Enhancement of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem.’

Set to run from August 27 to September 30, 2023, the Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem Enhancement training will take place in Japan. Amit Kothavade, Assistant Manager at Maharashtra State Innovation Society, has been selected for the programme and will represent the state.

The programme offers a platform for participants to delve into diverse startup ecosystems and gain insights into entrepreneur support strategies. Through interactive sessions and shared experiences, attendees will unravel the multifaceted dimensions of nurturing entrepreneurs and supporting their ventures.

The programme will draw inspiration from Japan's vibrant ecosystem, renowned for its innovative policies and initiatives, setting the stage for valuable cross-pollination of ideas.

Significance of the programme

In 2015, Japan's Cabinet unveiled its Development Cooperation Charter advocating collaborative creation tailored to its partner nations' specific contexts. The charter emphasises the essence of reciprocal relationships that facilitate shared growth through dialogue and cooperation, a principle that underpins the recently initiated Knowledge Co-Creation Program.

The programme is a specialised capacity-building initiative directed towards nations in Asia and Africa, with the intent to not only fortify local startup ecosystems but also drive global development beyond Japanese borders. The initiative extended invitations to organisations dedicated to nurturing innovation ecosystems in Japan's allied nations.

Maharashtra to represent India in Japanese programme to elevate entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem

Mr. Vivek Mogal, Assistant Manager, Strategy & Operations ; Mr Amit Kothawade, Assistant Manager, Innovation & Startup (Selected official for JICA Program) ; Mr. Kaneko Toshihiro, Chief Consul, Consulate General of Japan, in Mumbai

Maharashtra’s participation

Among the 11 candidates chosen globally, Kothavade has emerged as the sole Indian participant. The Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS), a nodal government agency to boost the innovation-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem in Maharashtra, has had a role to play.

Established under the Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department, Government of Maharashtra, MSInS has been instrumental in creating an environment conducive to innovation-driven growth. Through various initiatives and support measures, it has facilitated the growth of startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs across the state.

The department’s work includes organising hackathons, innovation challenges, and mentorship programmes to nurture a vibrant startup ecosystem. It has created platforms for knowledge exchange and idea incubation by collaborating with academic institutions, industry leaders, and experts.

This collaboration between Maharashtra and Japan not only demonstrates the state's innovative capacity but also facilitates cross-border learning and idea exchange. Maharashtra's participation in the Knowledge Co-Creation Program underscores its dedication to promoting innovation-led growth and prioritising entrepreneurship in its development strategy. This initiative has the potential to create long-lasting effects, nurturing an environment for flourishing startups that can make substantial contributions to the economy of Maharashtra and the world.