Ashneer Grover's Investment Genius: Profit from Habits

From Personal Preferences to Business Acumen: Discover Ashneer Grover's Unique Approach to Investment Strategies.

Ashneer Grover's Investment Genius: Profit from Habits

Wednesday September 06, 2023,

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Ashneer Grover, a well-known figure in the Indian business scene, has a unique take on investments. Although he personally avoids alcohol, his business strategies clearly separate personal preferences from lucrative opportunities.

Ashneer's Upbringing in a Punjabi Household

Ashneer grew up in a Punjabi family where drinking was not uncommon. Interestingly, his college friends at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) weren't much interested in alcohol, and Ashneer also never developed a taste for it. Despite this, he recognises the business potential that lies in products people make a habit of using.

Spotting Business Opportunities

Ashneer is smart when it comes to choosing where to invest his money. He might not drink, but he understands that products which form habits can be a gold mine. This mindset led him to invest heavily in Bira 91, a popular beer company. As of 2023, this investment seems to be paying off big time, with Bira 91 being valued at a whopping Rs 4500 crore.

And it's not just about alcohol. On Shark Tank India, a show he judges, Ashneer showed enthusiasm for a cocktail company called 'In a Can'. He believes this company, like Bira91, has the potential to capture consumers' habits, making it a promising investment.

A Straightforward View on Indian Consumers

In a candid conversation with YouTuber Raj Shamani, Ashneer also shared his straightforward views on the challenges of doing business in India. From his experience as the CFO of Grofers, he believes that Indian customers are quite demanding, wanting high-quality products at extremely low prices, and expecting quick delivery and discounts on top of that.

He feels this makes setting fair prices on products in India quite challenging, as people are usually not willing to pay extra for service; they focus on the product's price. This has given him firsthand insight into the complexities of the Indian market.

Ashneer Grover’s business journey is a lesson in keeping personal choices and business strategies separate. His investment choices, focusing on habit-forming products, showcase a deep understanding of market trends. His frank views on the Indian consumer market and pragmatic investment strategies make him a standout figure in the Indian business world.