Dabur Tycoon Gaurav Burman Backs Mental Health Startup

Dabur's Gaurav Burman acquires a 7.5% stake in Mitsu, heralding a new era in affordable, science-backed mental health solutions

Dabur Tycoon Gaurav Burman Backs Mental Health Startup

Tuesday September 12, 2023,

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In a recent milestone move, Gaurav Burman, a prominent figure in the business community and director of Dabur International, has aligned his vision with the evolving landscape of healthcare by investing in Mitsu, a groundbreaking mental health tech startup. Demonstrating his commitment to fostering innovation in healthcare, Burman acquired a notable 7.5% stake in the promising venture, signifying a robust endorsement of its mission to revolutionise mental health support.

Registered as Metacog Health Private Limited, Mitsu has made waves in the sector by introducing science-backed guided self-therapy programs designed to assist individuals grappling with anxiety and depression. The venture seems to be resonating well with industry stalwarts given its distinctive approach to offering confidential and affordable mental health solutions.

Emphasising the significance of mental health well-being, Burman shared his optimism about Mitsu's approach in addressing an issue that affects a large portion of the population at different phases in their lives. His investment in Mitsu is not just a business venture but a step towards accomplishing his goal of nurturing companies that prioritise innovative and human-centric healthcare solutions.

Burman's engagement with the startup goes beyond financial investment; he has also become a part of Mitsu's board, aligning his expertise to further steer the company in a direction that promises innovation and accessibility in mental health care. His belief in the potential of Mitsu has been steadfast, rooted as far back as the conceptual stage of the enterprise.

Mitsu, which officially stepped into the market with its guided self-therapy app in May 2023, has been embraced on both major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. The brainchild of Amit Singh, former CEO of 3M India Ltd, the startup has already garnered an impressive backing, including industry veterans such as Shivashish Chatterjee and Yuvraj Singh, the minds behind DMI Finance, and Harpreet Singh Grover, known for founding and exiting Singh's past association with Burman Hospitality, where he served on the board, hints at a partnership built on mutual respect and shared vision.

The investment in Mitsu isn't just a business strategy for Burman, who also serves as the director of Burman Hospitality, a company that helms the operations of the popular fast-food chain Taco Bell in India. It is a testament to his foresight in recognising the potential of startups that are at the helm of crafting the future of healthcare with pioneering approaches.

With this new development, Mitsu is poised to carve out a significant space in the mental health tech arena, blending scientific prowess with a personal touch to redefine how individuals perceive and address mental health concerns. As Mitsu strides forward with the backing of industry bigwigs, the journey ahead looks promising, potentially heralding a new era in accessible and person-centered mental health care solutions.

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