GitHub Copilot Chat Now Free for Users: Code Faster, Smarter, Better!

Say goodbye to endless web searches while coding! With GitHub Copilot Chat, get all your coding questions answered right within your IDE.

GitHub Copilot Chat Now Free for Users: Code Faster, Smarter, Better!

Thursday September 21, 2023,

2 min Read

GitHub has just made a big move for individual coders. Its AI-powered tool called Copilot Chat, initially just for businesses, is now available for everyone. Even better? It's currently free!

What Is Copilot Chat?

Copilot Chat is like a helpful buddy inside your coding software. It's designed to work with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, popular tools used by many developers. Copilot Chat allows you to ask questions and get immediate help right where you're coding—no need to switch to a browser to search for answers.

Key Features

  • Instant Help: The tool scans your code as you write it, giving you instant advice.
  • Clear Explanations: If you're puzzled by a piece of code, Copilot Chat can explain it to you.
  • Problem-Solving: Run into a bug or issue? The chatbot suggests ways to fix it.
  • Security Tips: It can even alert you if it finds something in your code that's not secure and guide you on how to fix it.


You can use Copilot Chat for free right now if you're an individual user of GitHub Copilot. Typically, GitHub Copilot costs $10/month or $100/year, but the chat feature comes at no extra charge.

Why It Matters

Big tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are all focusing on AI tools to make our lives easier. GitHub is doing the same for the coding world. Copilot Chat makes coding faster and simpler, making these advanced AI tools more reachable for solo developers.

Final Thoughts

GitHub's new Copilot Chat feature adds another level of ease and functionality for individual coders. With this tool, you can get real-time advice, explanations, and even security tips without ever leaving your coding environment. It's a big step for making complex coding tasks simpler and more accessible.