iStart Launchpad Program is fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in Rajasthan

Tapan Kumar, of DoIT&C, and Namita Thapar, of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, launched the iStart Launchpad and Learning Management System in Jaipur, in a bid to make the state a thriving hub for startups and innovation

iStart Launchpad Program is fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in Rajasthan

Monday September 04, 2023,

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The iStart Launchpad Program, a collaborative venture between the Department of IT and Communication, the Government of Rajasthan, and Thapar Entrepreneurship Academy, launched the iStart Launchpad and Learning Management System on August 24, 2023, at Bhamashah Techno Hub in Jaipur.

The event marked a milestone in the state's journey towards becoming a thriving hub for startups and innovation.

The inauguration ceremony, graced by dignitaries including Tapan Kumar, System Analyst (Joint Director) DoIT&C, and chief guest Namita Thapar, Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, emphasised the importance of supporting and celebrating entrepreneurship as a driving force for national progress.

Thapar, in her opening remarks, commended the iStart initiative's work in nurturing over 3,000 startups in Rajasthan within a short span.

Her keynote address shed light on the significance of the Learning Management System (LMS), a cornerstone of the iStart initiative. She highlighted the creation of an interactive self-learning platform, from ideation to practical implementation, emphasising its role in creating an impact at the grassroots level. She also said that the Thapar Entrepreneurship Academy and iStart partnership aimed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among school students across all districts through LaunchPads.

Making Rajasthan an entrepreneurship hub

Tapan Kumar provided insightful perspectives into the iStart Launchpad and Learning Management System. He stressed the programme's role in guiding young minds towards ambitious goals, ultimately positioning Rajasthan as a dynamic entrepreneurship hub. The Launchpad initiative aims to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship among youth, fostering innovation and determination.

A highlight of the event was the launch of the iStart x TEA LMS portal. The subsequent press interaction, interactive Q&A, and feedback sessions delved into the profound significance of the iStart Launchpad Program and Learning Management System.

Thapar emphasised that the Learning Management System is accessible to all at no cost, holding the promise of transforming education and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs by providing a comprehensive toolkit.

The event also featured engaging sessions spotlighting success stories from startups. Thapar and startup founders discussed emerging trends and opportunities in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The enthusiastic audience of over 100 attendees, including startup founders, school principals, and college directors, highlighted the collective commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship at grassroots and professional levels.

The iStart Launchpad Program underscores the collaborative efforts between the Government of Rajasthan and Thapar Entrepreneurship Academy. By nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, this initiative paves the way for Rajasthan to become an ecosystem where innovation thrives.

The iStart Launchpad Program holds the potential to transform Rajasthan into a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. This launch signifies a new era of possibilities for the state's youth, setting the stage for a future where entrepreneurial dreams can turn into reality.

In her address to young and aspiring entrepreneurs, Thapar aptly summed up, "Failure is a taboo in our country. So, you should stay focused and count failure as your biggest opportunity to learn."