Biggest Cricket Fan's 40-Year Archive: 30,000 DVDs, The Rob Moody/Robelinda2 Tale

From a humble beginning to amassing over a billion views - uncover the story of Robelinda2, a YouTube channel that serves as a time capsule for cricket aficionados, preserving the sport's rich history through the diligent efforts of Rob Moody

Biggest Cricket Fan's 40-Year Archive: 30,000 DVDs, The Rob Moody/Robelinda2 Tale

Wednesday September 06, 2023,

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In the world of cricket, where moments of brilliance are many, one man has taken it upon himself to be the custodian of these cherished memories. Meet Rob Moody, a Melbourne-based cricket superfan who has spent 40 years collecting and cataloguing cricket matches. His YouTube channel, Robelinda2, has become a sacred destination for cricket enthusiasts globally, boasting over a million subscribers and a staggering billion views.

Rob's dedication to preserving cricket's rich history began much before being a YouTuber turned into a fashionable career. Through his one-man venture, he breathes life into past cricketing moments, some potentially lost to time, offering fans a chance to relive these instances with the same fervour and excitement. From showcasing Nathan Astle's fastest test 200 to the enthralling innings of Sachin in the 1993 Chennai test, Robelinda2 is a haven for cricket enthusiasts to refresh their cricketing memories.

Despite being a one-man operation, the scale of this venture is monumental. Rob has single-handedly amassed a massive library containing thousands of tapes and DVDs, all neatly organized and labelled. A recent virtual tour of his workspace revealed the sheer scale of his operation, validating his claim: "It's a one-man operation." His digital sanctuary hosts a plethora of carefully edited clips, curated from his vast collection, that take viewers on a nostalgic cricketing journey.

However, this labor of love has not been without its challenges. Cricket boards have, on numerous occasions, tried to shut down Robelinda2 citing copyright violations. But the massive public support for the channel, a testimony to its beloved status among fans, has kept these attempts at bay. It stands as an epitome of the public's love and respect for a man who has diligently worked to keep the spirit of cricket alive through generations.

In a nutshell, Robelinda2 is not just a YouTube channel; it is a living, breathing archive of cricket history, carefully and lovingly curated by a man whose passion for the sport transcends time. Rob Moody, through his tireless efforts, has ensured that cricket's golden moments continue to illuminate the hearts of fans around the world, offering a nostalgic refuge in the ever-changing digital landscape. It is a beacon of cricketing history, lighting up pathways into the sport's most treasured moments, all thanks to one man's unparalleled devotion and love for the game.