Disney's Top Brass Urges Bob Iger to Acquire EA or Other Gaming Titans

Rumors swirl as Disney's top brass nudges CEO Bob Iger to acquire gaming giant EA, heralding a potential game-changer in the industry

Disney's Top Brass Urges Bob Iger to Acquire EA or Other Gaming Titans

Friday October 13, 2023,

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Disney, the colossal titan of film and television, hasn't had the same touch with the gaming world. Although it's no stranger to licensing its iconic characters to game developers, it hasn't stamped its authority in the gaming market. Recently, murmurs have arisen that suggest this might be about to change.

Reports from Bloomberg allude to an intriguing scenario: Bob Iger, Disney's CEO, is being nudged by his associates to steer Disney towards becoming a formidable game publisher. The suggestion is audacious – acquiring Electronic Arts (EA) or another gaming giant of similar stature. Iger, however, seems non-committal on the matter, leaving us to speculate about the possibilities.

It's undeniable that Disney's acquisition strategy has been nothing short of stellar in the past. Its purchases of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox have not only led to blockbuster movie successes but also strengthened its footing in the cutthroat streaming landscape.

With EA's close licensing ties to Disney, it's easy to understand why the gaming powerhouse is in the spotlight. EA has recently churned out popular Star Wars games, including the hit "Jedi: Survivor" developed by Respawn Entertainment. Add to that, two more Star Wars games and three upcoming Marvel-themed games, and the collaboration's potential is palpable.

Interestingly, last year, there were whispers about EA, valued at $35 billion, being on the lookout for potential buyers. Names like Disney, Amazon, Apple, and even NBCUniversal were thrown into the mix, making a Disney-EA merger a tantalising prospect for many.

However, it's essential to remember that Disney's gaming influence doesn't end with EA. Other significant players, like Sony's upcoming Spider-Man release or Microsoft's Indiana Jones project, add layers to Disney's intricate web of gaming associations.

While the idea of Disney acquiring EA is an exciting possibility, it's still in the realm of speculation. Should it come to fruition, it could reshape the gaming landscape, solidifying Disney's position as a multifaceted entertainment behemoth. But for now, we wait and watch, eager to see Disney's next strategic move.

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