Jharkhand Strikes Lithium: India's Road to Energy Independence Brightens

With lithium found in Jharkhand, India is a step closer to its ambitious green energy and electric vehicle goals. The discovery promises not just energy security but also a significant reduction in the country’s import bills.

Jharkhand Strikes Lithium: India's Road to Energy Independence Brightens

Tuesday October 03, 2023,

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Great news for India! Lithium, important for making electric vehicles (EVs), has been found in Jharkhand. This discovery can help India use more green energy and rely less on other countries for lithium.

Jharkhand’s Discovery :

Jharkhand joins other regions like Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, and Karnataka, where lithium is found. Already rich with many minerals, this area now adds lithium, or ‘white gold’, to its list.

Why is Lithium Important?

Lithium is essential for EVs, which are environmentally friendly. With the world aiming to use more EVs due to climate concerns, lithium is in high demand. Currently, China leads in lithium mining despite not having the largest reserves.

Benefits for India :

This discovery is key for India’s energy plans, as the country targets 30% EV sales by 2030. India usually buys lithium from Hong Kong and China. Having its own lithium helps India be more independent, reducing costs and supporting green initiatives.

Lithium’s Growing Importance :

First found in India in 1999, lithium wasn’t a big deal then. But today, with a greater need for EVs and energy storage, lithium has become extremely important, making mining it in India a sensible choice.

Exploration Stages :

The lithium in Jharkhand is in early exploration. More stages of exploration are needed before mining starts. This process, from finding to producing lithium, might take six to eight years.

Finding lithium in Jharkhand is a big step for India’s energy goals. This ‘white gold’ is crucial for India’s green energy and EV plans. With careful work and investment, lithium in Jharkhand can be a game-changer for India’s energy future.