From Rs.5000 to Rs.1800 Cr: MP Ramachandran's Success with Ujala & Maxo

The chronicle of MP Ramachandran: an ordinary man with extraordinary vision. From a small town in Kerala to the bustling Indian FMCG sector, discover how his ventures, Ujala and Maxo, catapulted Jyothy Labs into a ₹1800 crore success story

From Rs.5000 to Rs.1800 Cr: MP Ramachandran's Success with Ujala & Maxo

Thursday October 19, 2023,

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In the bustling market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in India, the story of MP Ramachandran stands as a shining emblem of what one can achieve with a dash of innovation and a lot of determination. Starting with a mere ₹5000 borrowed from his brother, Ramachandran set up a small factory in Thrissur, Kerala, in 1983. This was the humble beginning of what would later become a massive empire, Jyothy Labs Limited, with a whopping turnover of ₹1800 crores annually.

The first magic potion that came out of this modest factory was Ujala Supreme liquid fabric whitener. Ramachandran was not satisfied with the fabric whiteners available in the market. So, he decided to craft his own, and after a lot of trials with purple dyes, he got it right. Ujala was born. It was initially sold door-to-door by a group of six women. The product was a hit, and by 1997, it became a household name across India, paving the way for Jyothy Labs to venture into other products.

Next on the horizon was Maxo, a mosquito repellent that aimed to tackle the mosquito menace that plagued many Indian households. Investing ₹35 crore into Maxo, it soon grew into a ₹300 crore brand. This was another testament to Ramachandran's knack for identifying common problems and providing effective solutions.

Together, Ujala and Maxo were not just products; they were solutions to everyday problems faced by the common man. They formed the backbone of Jyothy Labs, propelling it from a small venture to a multi-brand giant in the FMCG sector.

Ramachandran didn't just stop there. Under his visionary leadership, Jyothy Labs further diversified, venturing into various other FMCG product categories, and even acquiring a German company, Henkel Ltd, to bolster its market position.

The growth of Jyothy Labs is a classic case of how identifying real-world problems and providing quality, affordable solutions can lead to business success. It's a blend of innovative thinking, understanding consumer needs, and the relentless pursuit of delivering value.

Now, as his daughter, MR Jyothy, takes the reins as the new managing director, the legacy of innovation and customer-centric approach continues to drive the company forward.

In essence, MP Ramachandran’s journey from a small-town entrepreneur to the chairman of a ₹1800 crore business empire is a stirring narrative that encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurship: solving real-world problems while building a successful, sustainable business.