20-Year-Old Patna Engineering Student Develops Smart Helmet That Won't Allow Your Bike to Move Without It

Learn how Takeward Innovation's smart helmets are reshaping bike safety, with a viral launch, government support, and life-saving technology

20-Year-Old Patna Engineering Student Develops Smart Helmet That Won't Allow Your Bike to Move Without It

Tuesday October 17, 2023,

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In a remarkable stride towards enhancing road safety and thwarting bike theft, Takeward Innovation, a Patna-based startup, has unveiled a range of state-of-the-art smart helmets. These innovative helmets, freshly launched last week, are poised to have a substantial impact on motorcycle safety.

The brainchild of RK Kesari, a 20-year-old engineering student at the Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering and Technology, Takeward Innovation was born from a deeply personal tragedy. Kesari's impetus to develop these helmets arises from the tragic loss of a close friend in a bike accident due to the absence of a helmet. Driven by the determination to avert such tragedies in the future, Kesari collaborated with his friends Yash Kesari, Priya Singh, and Roshni Bharti to create a prototype in 2021.

The core concept behind these helmets is both straightforward and ingenious. They are paired with their respective vehicles through a specialised device. According to reports, the bike simply refuses to budge unless the rider dons the helmet, ensuring strict compliance with safety regulations.

What sets these helmets apart is their dual functionality. In regular mode, they function like standard helmets, offering crucial head protection. However, in automatic mode, wearing the helmet becomes a prerequisite for starting the vehicle, guaranteeing the rider's safety. This innovative feature is enforced by a device installed on the bike itself.

These smart helmets also boast a built-in charging point powered by an ABS-100 solar inverter battery. Upon full charge, the battery ensures a minimum of 15 days of usage, making them convenient and dependable for daily riders.

Takeward Innovation not only prioritises safety but also style. These helmets are available in a variety of designs and colors, catering to a diverse range of rider preferences. Furthermore, they are competitively priced, with options ranging from Rs 1,600 to Rs 1,900.

The recent success of the startup speaks volumes about the demand for such safety innovations. A viral video shared on YouTube and Facebook garnered a staggering 6 crore views within just two days. Encouraged by this overwhelming response, Takeward Innovation managed to sell 25 helmets on the first day of the launch and an astonishing 786 helmets on the second day.

The impressive achievements of the startup haven't gone unnoticed by the Bihar government, which has pledged to provide them with financial support. This recognition underscores the pivotal role that Takeward Innovation and its smart helmets are playing in promoting road safety and reducing bike accidents.

In conclusion, Takeward Innovation's smart helmets transcend mere protective gear; they signify a substantial step forward in ensuring the safety of bike riders and preventing accidents. With the backing of the Bihar government and the enthusiastic support of the public, these helmets are poised to become a transformative force in the realm of road safety.

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