Microsoft Teams AI: Say Goodbye to Messy Meeting Backgrounds

Microsoft Teams unveils new AI feature for beautifying meeting backgrounds and boosting voice clarity, set for launch in 2024, enhancing remote work

Microsoft Teams AI: Say Goodbye to Messy Meeting Backgrounds

Thursday November 16, 2023,

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Microsoft Teams is set to revolutionise virtual meetings with its latest feature, promising to transform cluttered backgrounds into aesthetically pleasing settings. Revealed during Microsoft's Ignite keynote, this new functionality showcases the growing integration of AI into everyday technology.

Dubbed as the "decorate your background" feature, it employs generative AI to enhance the visual backdrop of video calls on Microsoft Teams. This innovative tool is designed to identify and clear out the clutter in your surroundings, replacing it with various decorative items. These could range from string lights and plants to seasonal decorations, adding a touch of personalisation and professionalism to your virtual meeting space.

In a demonstration video, Microsoft illustrated how this technology can magically transform a messy room into an organised and visually appealing environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who often find themselves in impromptu video calls or lack the time to tidy up their space.

In addition to this, Microsoft is introducing a voice isolation feature to Teams. This advanced AI-driven tool will learn to recognise a user's voice once they opt in. It is engineered to filter out background noise effectively, ensuring clear communication even in noisy surroundings. This addition mirrors similar advancements by other tech giants, such as Apple, which announced comparable features for the iPhone 15 and iOS 17.

These innovations are part of a suite of AI-enhanced Quality of Life (QoL) improvements announced by Microsoft. These include real-time notes and transcriptions during meetings, leveraging the capabilities of the newly introduced Copilot AI. This suite of features represents Microsoft's commitment to enhancing virtual collaboration and productivity through AI integration.

The "decorate your background" feature is expected to be available for Microsoft Teams Premium users in 2024. This development signifies a notable leap in the use of AI in everyday applications, potentially setting a new standard for virtual meetings. As Microsoft continues to push the boundaries of AI in the workspace, it's clear that virtual meetings are set to become more engaging and less stressful, even when your room isn't in perfect order.

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