Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2023 spotlights pioneering startups in India’s hardware sector

The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2023 has identified 12 promising startups, each aiming to revolutionise various sectors through cutting-edge technology.

Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2023 spotlights pioneering startups in India’s hardware sector

Friday November 24, 2023,

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Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge (QDIC) continues to be a catalyst for groundbreaking ideas in the world of hardware technology. Since its inception in 2016, QDIC has been an instrumental force in helping startups push the boundaries of innovation.

The annual initiative by Qualcomm India brings out the transformative potential of smart devices and products, spanning areas like smart infrastructures, agriculture technology, industrial automation, robotics, drones, medical technology, and rural IoT. The challenge, which has till now incubated over 89 startups, filed over 350 patents collectively, launched more than 28 products commercially, and raised over $248 million in capital, is a crucible of innovation. Seven of its startups have achieved successful exits via M&A.

The 2023 edition attracted over 140 applications, a testament to the growing enthusiasm within India's startup ecosystem. Partnering with NASSCOM CoE-IoT and Startup India, QDIC selected 12 startups through a rigorous jury process, each offering a unique approach to harness Qualcomm's technologies for impactful solutions.

Here are the narratives of three startups among the shortlisted cohort. Each embodies the spirit of innovation, addressing critical challenges in healthcare, medical rehabilitation, diabetic foot care, and precision agriculture. A common thread binds them: their commitment to leveraging hardware technology for societal betterment.

Thryv Mobility: Bridging the gap with assistive technologies

Inception Story: Thryv Mobility emerged from personal experiences, with wheelchair users facing daily challenges. The collaboration with passionate engineers and faculty members from IIT Madras became the driving force. The pivotal moment occurred when a shared vision for innovative assistive technologies united the team.

Product Differentiation: Thryv Mobility sets itself apart with a commitment to innovation and inclusivity. Its power-assist technology not only enhances mobility for individuals with disabilities but also serves as a micro-mobility solution. The intuitive controls and adaptability of its devices address the challenge of navigating diverse terrains, contributing to a more seamless daily life for users.

QDIC Contribution: Qualcomm Design in India Challenge played a pivotal role in Thryv Mobility's growth, providing recognition, essential support, mentorship, and access to valuable resources. Being a finalist affirmed the innovation and potential of the products, accelerating Thryv’s journey towards making a real impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Milestone Achievement: A milestone for Thryv Mobility is the transformation of its purpose into a tangible company. From a mere concept, it evolved into a fully incorporated startup, driven by passionate co-founders.

Ayati Devices: Revolutionising diabetic foot care

Inception Story: Ayati Devices began as a course project at IIT Bombay, focusing on 'Diabetic Foot.' The realisation of the severe impacts on the founder's family members motivated a full-time shift. With the support of the BIRAC BIG grant, Ayati Devices launched VIBRASENSE in 2021 and is set to introduce Angiocam, a laser-based, non-invasive imaging device.

Product Differentiation: Angiocam stands out as one of the very few devices globally addressing the correlation between microcirculation and macrocirculation parameters. The device provides real-time video images of microvascular perfusion, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions about limb salvage and patient referrals for vascular interventions.

QDIC Contribution: Qualcomm technology enhances Ayati Devices' product, making it more portable and accessible. Prototyping development grants and mentoring sessions from Qualcomm facilitate a better understanding of the commercialisation process and business aspects.

Milestone Achievement: Ayati Devices takes pride in having an interdisciplinary team, 2,500+ device deployments impacting over two lakh patients, and substantial revenue generation, showcasing a holistic approach to business growth.

Rymo Technologies: Pioneering rehabilitation innovation

Inception Story: Rymo Technologies' journey began in the final year of engineering studies, fuelled by a collective passion to address the disparity in rehabilitation facilities. It was launched by Chirag Shah, one of the co-founders, after witnessing his father's challenges during post-stroke therapy. The team, committed to revolutionising rehabilitation, delved into developing Mobi-L, a groundbreaking device blending robotics and gamification.

Product Differentiation: Rymo's solution stands out, addressing the lack of standardised, accessible methods in physiotherapy. Cost-effective and compact, its solution, priced at ₹7,00,000, is almost 10X smaller than the competitors, making it accessible to a broader market, including smaller clinics and home rehabilitation.

QDIC Contribution: QDIC 2023 significantly propelled Rymo's growth. Access to resources, mentorship, and exposure enhanced its technical expertise. Selected as part of the final 12, the collaboration with QDIC exposed Rymo to potential partnerships, funding opportunities, and market expansion, making it more competitive and innovative in the healthcare technology sector.

Milestone Achievement: Rymo Technologies achieved a significant milestone by deploying its rehabilitation machine in Malaysia through a collaboration with Fourier Intelligence, a global leader in rehabilitation technology. This was its first international venture, showcasing the adaptability of the technology and its appeal in diverse markets. This accomplishment solidifies Rymo's presence in the Asia-Pacific region, positioning it as an innovative player in the global market and paving the way for international partnerships and collaborations.

Despite operating in distinct domains, each of these startups shares a commitment to addressing societal challenges through innovative hardware solutions.

The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge continues to play a pivotal role in fostering this spirit of innovation, providing a platform for these startups to thrive and make a lasting impact on various sectors. Stay tuned for upcoming articles featuring the remaining startups in this exciting cohort.

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